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A pharmacoepidemiologic study of factors influencing the outcome of treatment with lamotrigine in chronic epilepsyWong, ICK; Mawer, GE; Sander, JWAS; Lhatoo, SD200181
Adverse event monitoring in lamotrigine patients: A pharmacoepidemiologic study in the United KingdomWong, ICK; Mawer, GE; Sander, JWAS200190
Long-term treatment retention with topiramate [4] (multiple letters)Deckers, CLP; Renier, WO; Lhatoo, SD; Sander, JWAS; Wong, ICK200155
Long-term retention rates of lamotrigine, gabapentin, and topiramate in chronic epilepsyLhatoo, SD; Wong, ICK; Polizzi, G; Sander, JWAS200073
Prognostic factors affecting long-term retention of topiramate in patients with chronic epilepsyLhatoo, SD; Wong, ICK; Sander, JWAS200051
Cognitive effects of topiramate, gabapentin, and lamotrigine in healthy young adults [2] (multiple letters)Lhatoo, SD; Sander, JWAS; Wong, ICK; Aldenkamp, AP; Martin, R; Kuzniecky, R; Hu, S; Hetherington, H; Pen, J; Sinclair, K; Gilliam, F; Fraught, E200097
Factors influencing the incidence of lamotrigine-related skin rashWong, ICK; Mawer, GE; Sander, JWAS1999133
The long-term use of gabapentin, lamotrigine, and vigabatrin in patients with chronic epilepsyWong, ICK; Chadwick, DW; Fenwick, PBC; Mawer, GE; Sander, JWAS199975
Severe persistent visual field constriction associated with vigabatrin (multiple letters) [7]Wilson, EA; Brodie, MJ; Wong, IC; Mawer, GE; Sander, JWAS; Blackwell, N; Hayllar, J; Kelly, G; Harding, GFA; Backstrom, JT; Hinkle, RL; Flicker, MR199762
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