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Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1-dependent Expression Of Platelet-derived Growth Factor B Promotes Lymphatic Metastasis Of Hypoxic Breast Cancer Cells.Schito, L; Rey, S; Tafani, M; Zhang, H; Wong, CCL; Russo, A; Russo, MA; Semenza, GL201222
Tumor protein 53-induced nuclear protein 1 expression is repressed by miR-155, and its restoration inhibits pancreatic tumor developmentGironella, M; Seux, M; Xie, MJ; Cano, C; Tomasini, R; Gommeaux, J; Garcia, S; Nowak, J; Yeung, ML; Jeang, KT; Chaix, A; Fazli, L; Motoo, Y; Wang, Q; Rocchi, P; Russo, A; Gleave, M; Dagorn, JC; Iovanna, JL; Carrier, A; Pébusque, MJ; Dusetti, NJ2007115
Functional categories of TP53 mutation in colorectal cancer: Results of an International Collaborative StudyIacopetta, B; Russo, A; Bazan, V; Dardanoni, G; Gebbia, N; Soussi, T; Kerr, D; Elsaleh, H; Soong, R; Kandioler, D; Janschek, E; Kappel, S; Lung, M; Leung, CSS; Ko, JM; Yuen, S; Ho, J; Leung, SY; Crapez, E; Duffour, J; Ychou, M; Leahy, DT; O'Donoghue, DP; Agnese, V; Cascio, S; Di Fede, G; ChiecoBianchi, L; Bertorelle, R; Belluco, C; Giaretti, W; Castagnola, P; Ricevuto, E; Ficorella, C; Bosari, S; Arizzi, CD; Miyaki, M; Onda, M; Kampman, E; Diergaarde, B; Royds, J; Lothe, RA; Diep, CB; Meling, GI; Ostrowski, J; Trzeciak, L; GuzińskaUstymowicz, K; Zalewski, B; Capellá, GM; Moreno, V; Peinado, MA; Lönnroth, C; Lundholm, K; Sun, XF; Jansson, A; Bouzourene, H; Hsieh, LL; Tang, R; Smith, DR; AllenMersh, TG; Khan, ZAJ; Shorthouse, AJ; Silverman, ML; Kato, S; Ishioka, C2006173
Workgroup II: The screening process. UICC International Workshop on Facilitating Screening for Colorectal Cancer, Oslo, Norway (29 and 30 June 2002)Winawer, S; Faivre, J; Selby, J; Bertaro, L; Chen, THH; Kroborg, O; Levin, B; Mandel, J; O'morain, C; Richards, M; Rennert, G; Russo, A; Saito, H; Semigfnovsky, B; Wong, B; Smith, R200579
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