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Fabrication of micropillar substrates using replicas of alpha-particle irradiated and chemically etched PADC filmsNg, CKM; Chong, EYW; Roy, VAL; Cheung, KMC; Yeung, KWK; Yu, KN2012104
Improving the performance of polymer solar cells by adjusting the crystallinity and nanoscale phase separationChen, WB; Xu, ZX; Li, K; Chui, SSY; Roy, VAL; Lai, PT; Che, CM2012115
Bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells based on tetra-methyl substituted copper(ii) phthalocyanine:P3HT:PCBM compositeXu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Low, KH; Che, CM2011291
Single microcrystals of organoplatinum(II) complexes with high charge-carrier mobilityChe, CM; Chow, CF; Yuen, MY; Roy, VAL; Lu, W; Chen, Y; Chui, SSY; Zhu, N2011659
Broadband second harmonic generation from ZnO nano-tetrapodsShi, SL; Xu, SJ; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Che, CM2011641
Bis(5,7-dimethyl-8-hydroxyquinolinato)platinum(II) complex for efficient organic heterojunction solar cellsLow, KH; Xu, ZX; Xiang, HF; Chui, SSY; Roy, VAL; Che, CM201180
Homoleptic copper(I) phenylselenolate polymer as a single-source precursor for Cu2Se nanocrystals. Structure, photoluminescence and application in field-effect transistorLow, KH; Li, CH; Roy, VAL; Chui, SSY; Chan, SLF; Che, CM2010217
Highly conducting two-dimensional copper(i) 4-hydroxythiophenolate networkLow, KH; Roy, VAL; Chui, SSY; Chan, SLF; Che, CM2010214
Alignment of charge-transfer complexes for molecular devicesRoy, VAL; Lo, KKW; Chow, CF; Chui, SSY; Lee, CS2010124
Homoleptic platinum(II) and palladium(II) organothiolates and phenylselenolates: Solvothermal synthesis, structural determination, optical properties, and single-source precursors for PdSe and PdS nanocrystalsChui, SSY; Low, KH; Lu, J; Roy, VAL; Chan, SLF; Che, CM2010370
Microwave-assisted synthesis, structure, and tunable liquid-crystal properties of 2,5-diaryl-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives through peripheral n-alkoxy chainsHan, J; Chang, XY; Zhu, LR; Pang, ML; Meng, JB; Chui, SSY; Lai, SW; Roy, VAL2009181
Supramolecular polymers and chromonic mesophases self-organized from phosphorescent cationic organoplatinum(II) complexes in waterLu, W; Chen, Y; Roy, VAL; Chui, SSY; Che, CM2009708
Organic field-effect transistors fabricated with N, N′ -substituted dialkyl-1,3,8,10-tetramethylquinacridone compoundsXu, ZX; Xiang, HF; Roy, VAL; Chui, SSY; Wang, Y; Lai, PT; Che, CM2009228
Controlled self-assembly of functional metal octaethylporphyrin 1D nanowires by solution-phase precipitative methodSo, MH; Roy, VAL; Xu, ZX; Chui, SSY; Yuen, MY; Ho, CM; Che, CM2008590
Field-effect transistor fabricated with nickel(II) etioporphyrin-I micrometer-sized crystalsXu, ZX; Xiang, HF; Roy, VAL; Chui, SSY; Che, CM; Lai, PT2008420
Homoleptic copper(I) arylthiolates as a new class of p-type charge carriers: Structures and charge mobility studiesChe, CM; Li, CH; Chui, SSY; Roy, VAL; Low, KH2008484
Deep-red to near-infrared electrophosphorescence based on bis(8-hydroxyquinolato) platinum(II) complexesXiang, HF; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Yan, BP; Chan, SC; Che, CM; Lai, PT2008414
A high-performance organic field-effect transistor based on platinum(II) porphyrin: Peripheral substituents on porphyrin ligand significantly affect film structure and charge mobilityChe, CM; Xiang, HF; Chui, SSY; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Yan, JJ; Fu, WF; Lai, PT; Williams, ID20081,638
Metal-insulator-metal transistorsStallinga, P; Roy, VAL; Xu, ZX; Xiang, HF; Che, CM2008108
Star-configured carbazole as an efficient near-ultraviolet emitter and hole-transporting material for organic light-emitting devicesXiang, HF; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Che, CM; Lai, PT; Zeng, PJ; Niu, FF; Liu, YW; Tang, WQ; He, CJ; Niu, HB2008305
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