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Asian origin for the worldwide-spread mutational event in Machado-Joseph disease
Archives of Neurology
American Medical Association. The Journal's web site is located at
Martins, S; Calafell, F; Gaspar, C; Wong, VCN; Silveira, I; Nicholson, GA; Brunt, ER; Tranebjaerg, L; Stevanin, G; Hsieh, M; Soong, BW; Loureiro, L; Dürr, A; Tsuji, S; Watanabe, M; Jardim, LB; Giunti, P; Riess, O; Ranum P, LPW; Brice, A; Rouleau, GA; Coutinho, P; Amorim, A; Sequeiros, J2007223
Mutations in a gene encoding a novel protein tyrosine phosphatase cause progressive myoclonus epilepsy
Nature Genetics
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Minassian, BA; Lee Jeffrey, R; Herbrick, JA; Huizenga, J; Soder, S; Mungall, AJ; Dunham, I; Gardner, R; Fong, CYG; Carpenter, S; Jardim, L; Satishchandra, P; Andermann, E; Carter Snead III, O; LopesCendes, I; Tsui, LC; DelgadoEscueta, AV; Rouleau, GA; Scherer, SW1998751
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