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Structure of human upstream binding factor HMG box 5 and site for binding of the cell-cycle regulatory factor TAF1Rong, H; Li, Y; Shi, X; Zhang, X; Gao, Y; Dai, H; Teng, M; Niu, L; Liu, Q; Hao, Q2007155
Crystal structure of 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid 3,4-dioxygenase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A special subgroup of the type III extradiol dioxygenasesLi, X; Guo, M; Fan, J; Tang, W; Wang, D; Ge, H; Rong, H; Teng, M; Niu, L; Liu, Q; Hao, Q2006161
Analysis of RFID Middleware Market in Supply Chain and Logistics IndustryFok, WWT; Ng, H; Rong, H2005151
Statistical models for time sequences data miningTing, KW; Ng, KP; Rong, H; Huang, JZ2003285
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