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Transmission of pandemic influenza H1N1 (2009) in Vietnamese swine in 2009-2010Trevennec, K; Leger, L; Lyazrhi, F; Baudon, E; Cheung, CY; Roger, F; Peiris, M; Garcia, JM201268
Evaluation of serological tests for H5N1 avian influenza on field samples from domestic poultry populations in Vietnam: consequences for surveillanceDesvaux, S; Garcia, JM; Nguyen, TD; Reid, SA; Bui, NA; Roger, F; Fenwick, S; Peiris, JSM; Ellis, T2012105
Looking for avian influenza in remote areas. A case study in Northern VietnamTrevennec, K; Chevalier, V; Grosbois, V; Garcia, JM; Thu, HH; BerthoulySalazar, C; Peiris, JSM; Roger, F201174
Preliminary laboratory results of an epidemiological study on avian and swine influenza in VietnamBaudon, EM; Trevennec, K; Peiris, JSM; Roger, F; Garcia, J2011111
Swine influenza surveillance in East and Southeast Asia: a systematic reviewTrevennec, K; Cowling, BJ; Peyre, M; Baudon, E; Martineau, GP; Roger, F201188
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