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Lung function and exposure to workplace second-hand smoke during exemptions from smoking ban legislation: An exposure - Response relationship based on indoor PM 2.5 and urinary cotinine levelsLai, HK; Hedley, AJ; Repace, J; So, C; Lu, QY; Mcghee, SM; Fielding, R; Wong, CM2011117
Effects of passive smoking on coronary circulation [2] (multiple letters)Lam, TH; Leung, G; Repace, J; Watanabe, H; Otsuka, R; Yoshikawa, J200248
Young non-smokers in the catering industry have high exposures to second-hand smokeMcGhee, SM; Hedley, AJ; Repace, J; Wong, TW; Chan, AYW; Yu, M; Tsang, M; Lo, PCK; Lam, TH200175
Passive smoking in the workplace: the case of restaurants and bars in Hong Kong (Abstract)Hedley, AJ; Repace, J; McGhee, SM; Wong, TW; Chan, AYW; Yu, M; Tsang, M; Lam, TH200157
Second-hand smoke exposures and passive smoking in non-smoking catering workers in Hong Kong: the combined risks for heart disease and cancerHedley, AJ; Mcghee, SM; Repace, J; Wong, TW; Yu, MYS; Chan, AYW; Lam, TH; Lo, PCK; Tsang, M; Wong, LC; Chan, ALN; Ng, ESL; Janghorbani, M2001159
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