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Direct retino-raphe projection alters serotonergic tone and affective behaviorRen, C; Luan, L; Lau, WM; Huang, X; Yang, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, X; Gao, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M201342
Optimizing plurality for human intelligence tasksMo, L; Cheng, R; Kao, B; Yang, XS; Ren, C; Lei, S; Cheung, DWL; Lo, E201347
From rapid to delayed and remote postconditioning: the evolving concept of ischemic postconditioning in brain ischemiaZhao, H; Ren, C; Chen, X; Shen, J2012146
Light deprivation induces depression-like behavior and suppresses neurogenesis in diurnal Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Lau, BWM; Ren, C; Yang, J; Yan, SWL; Chang, RCC; Pu, M; So, KF2011154
Y-like retinal ganglion cells innervate the dorsal raphe nucleus in the Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Luan, L; Ren, C; Lau, BWM; Yang, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M2011212
On querying historical evolving graph sequencesRen, C; Lo, E; Kao, B; Zhu, X; Cheng, CK2011122
Mongolian gerbil as a seasonal affective disorder animal modelRen, C; Lau, WM; Luan, L; Yang, J; So, KF; Pu, M2010106
Physiological response properties of retinal ganglion cells indifferent retinal disease animal modelsXiao, B; Nan, Y; Zhang, D; Chen, B; Ren, C; Yu, E; Ellis-Behnke, RG; So, KF; Guan, Y; Pu, M2008175
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