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Subgingival microbiota of Sri Lankan tea labourers naïve to oral hygiene measuresZHUANG, L; Watt, RM; Steiner, S; LANG-HUA, BH; Wang, R; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201412
Subgingival microbiota related to pocket probing depth in Sri-Lankan tea-laborersZhuang, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; Lang-Hua, BH; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201334
Microbiological characteristics of Sri Lankan tea-laborers without oral hygiene performanceZHUANG, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; LANG-HUA, BH; Steiner, S; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201227
Reversibility of experimental peri-implant mucositis compared with experimental gingivitis in humansSalvi, GE; Aglietta, M; Eick, S; Sculean, A; Lang, NP; Ramseier, CA2012125
Education of tobacco use prevention and cessation for dental professionals - A paradigm shiftDavis, JM; Ramseier, CA; Mattheos, N; SchoonheimKlein, M; Compton, S; AlHazmi, N; Polychronopoulou, A; Suvan, J; Antohé, ME; Forna, D; Radley, N201077
Consensus report: 2 nd European workshop on tobacco use prevention and cessation for oral health professionalsRamseier, CA; Warnakulasuriya, S; Needleman, IG; Gallagher, JE; Lahtinen, A; Ainamo, A; Alajbeg, I; Albert, D; AlHazmi, N; Antohé, ME; BeckMannagetta, J; Benzian, H; Bergström, J; Binnie, V; Bornstein, M; Büchler, S; Carr, A; Carrassi, A; Casals Peidró, E; Chapple, L; Compton, S; Crail, J; Crews, K; Davis, JM; Dietrich, T; Enmark, B; Fine, J; Jenner, T; Forna, D; Fundak, A; Gyenes, M; Hovius, M; Jacobs, A; Kinnunen, T; Knevel, R; Koerber, A; Labella, R; Lulic, M; Mattheos, N; Mcewen, A; Öhrn, K; Polychronopoulou, A; Preshaw, P; Radley, N; Rosseel, J; SchoonheimKlein, M; Suvan, J; Ulbricht, S; Verstappen, P; Walter, C; Wennstmöm, J; Wickholm, S; Zoitopoulos, L201088
Clinical course of chronic periodontitis: effect of lifelong light smoking (20 years) on loss of attachment and teethSchatzle, M; Loe, H; Ramseier, CA; Burgin, W; Anerud, A; Boysen, H; Lang, NP2010425
One-year outcomes of repeated adjunctive photodynamic therapy during periodontal maintenance: A proof-of-principle randomized-controlled clinical trialLulic, M; Leiggener Görög, I; Salvi, GE; Ramseier, CA; Mattheos, N; Lang, NP2009111
Short-term effects of hygiene education for preschool (kindergarten) children: a clinical study.Ramseier, CA; Leiggener, I; Lang, NP; Bagramian, RA; Inglehart, MR2007137
Consensus report: First European Workshop on Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation for Oral Health Professionals.Ramseier, CA; Mattheos, N; Needleman, I; Watt, R; Wickholm, S200646
Experimental gingivitis in cigarette smokers: A clinical and microbiological studySalvi, GE; Ramseier, CA; Kandylaki, M; Sigrist, L; Awedowa, E; Lang, NP2005117
Influence of interleukin-1 gene polymorphism on the outcome of supportive periodontal therapy explored by a multi-factorial periodontal risk assessment model (PRA).Persson, GR; Matuliené, G; Ramseier, CA; Persson, RE; Tonetti, MS; Lang, NP2003136
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