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S-SWAT (softer single-wavelength anomalous technique): Potential in high-throughput protein crystallographyOlczak, A; Cianci, M; Hao, Q; Rizkallah, PJ; Raftery, J; Helliwell, JR2003120
Accurate and highly complete synchrotron protein crystal Laue diffraction data using the ESRF CCD and the Daresbury Laue softwareNieh, YP; Raftery, J; Weisgerber, S; Habash, J; Schotte, F; Ursby, T; Wulff, M; Hädener, A; Campbell, JW; Hao, Q; Helliwell, JR1999195
The baby and the bathwater: Research methods in construction managementWing, CK; Raftery, J; Walker, A1998190
Globalization and construction industry development: Implications of recent developments in the construction sector in AsiaRaftery, J; Pasadilla, B; Chiang, YH; Hui, ECM; Tang, BS1998254
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