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Heterogeneous Os isotope compositions in the Kalatongke sulfide deposit, NW China: the role of crustal contaminationGao, JF; Zhou, MF; Lightfoot, PC; Qu, W2012144
Message from the program chairs of CSE/I-SPAN/IUCC 2011Shi, W; Nakao, A; Shen, Y; Li, K; Lau, F; AlDubai, AY; Jin, X; Qu, W201196
In-situ U-Pb, Hf and Re-Os isotopic analyses of the Xiangshan Ni-Cu-Co deposit in Eastern Tianshan (Xinjiang), Central Asia Orogenic Belt: Constraints on the timing and genesis of the mineralizationHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Ao, S; Zhang, J; Qu, W; Du, A2010137
A Re-Os study of molybdenites from the Lanjiagou Mo deposit of North China Craton and its geological significanceHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Sun, M; Qu, W; Du, A200988
Potential role of α-synuclein and metallothionein in lead-induced inclusion body formationZuo, P; Qu, W; Cooper, RN; Goyer, RA; Diwan, BA; Waalkes, MP200992
Re-Os dating of the Kalatongke Cu-Ni deposit, Altay Shan, NW China, and resulting geodynamic implicationsHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Qu, W; Du, A200793
Precise molybdenite Re-Os and mica Ar-Ar dating of the Mesozoic Yaogangxian tungsten deposit, central Nanling district, South ChinaPeng, J; Zhou, MF; Hu, R; Shen, N; Yuan, S; Bi, X; Du, A; Qu, W2006155
Erratum: Applications of Hilbert-Huang transform to non-stationary financial time series analysis, (Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (2003) 19 (245-268))Huang, NE; Wu, ML; Qu, W; Long, SR; Shen, SSP; Zhang, JE200357
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