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The challenges for the enforcement against copyright violations in China under the trips agreementQu, D; Li, Y201263
Interferon receptor 1 promoter polymorphisms and susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B virus infection.Zhou, J; Wu, HW; Poon, KM; Ng, F; Chan, CS; Qu, D; Wen, YM; Lu, L; Zheng, B200690
Intranasal immunization with inactivated SARS-CoV (SARS-associated coronavirus) induced local and serum antibodies in miceQu, D; Zheng, B; Yao, X; Guan, Y; Yuan, ZH; Zhong, NS; Lu, LW; Xie, JP; Wen, YM2005110
Selective functional deficit in dendritic cell - T cell interaction is a crucial mechanism in chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZheng, BJ; Zhou, J; Qu, D; Siu, KL; Lam, TW; Lo, HY; Lee, SS; Wen, YM2004149
Selective Functional Deficit of Dendritic Cells is Crucial in the Mechanism of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection. 11th international Symposium on Viral Hepatitis & Liver Disease. 6-10 April, 2003. Sydney, Australia.Zheng, B; Yuen, KY; Lee, SS; Qu, D; Ng, SP; Leung, SK; Ng, MH; Wen, Y2003102
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