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An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PDRs for multi-objective dynamic online job shop scheduling problemQiu, X; Lau, HYK201353
Supply Hub in Industrial Park (SHIP): The value of freight consolidationQiu, X; Huang, GQ201329
Cost-minimizing preemptive scheduling of mapreduce workloads on hybrid cloudsQiu, X; Yeow, WL; Wu, C; Lau, FCM201323
Dynamic Scaling of VoD Services into Hybrid Clouds with Cost Minimization and QoS GuaranteeQiu, X; Li, H; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201269
Exploring the sustainability of credit-incentivized peer-to-peer content distributionQiu, X; Huang, W; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201279
Auction-based P2P VoD streaming: incentives and optimal schedulingWu, C; Li, Z; Qiu, X; Lau, FCM201283
Resistive switching and threshold switching behaviors in La 0.1Bi 0.9Fe 1-xCo xO 3 ceramicsWang, SY; Liu, WF; Gao, J; Qiu, X; Feng, Y; Hou, XG; Yu, DS; Li, DJ2012112
An AIS-based hybrid algorithm for static job shop scheduling problemQiu, X; Lau, HYK201245
MTSS1, a novel target of DNA methyltransferase 3B, functions as a tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinomaFan, H; Chen, L; Zhang, F; Quan, Y; Su, X; Qiu, X; Zhao, Z; Kong, KL; Dong, S; Song, Y; Chan, THM; Guan, XY2012135
Cost-minimizing dynamic migration of content distribution services into hybrid cloudsQiu, X; Li, H; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM2012133
RFID-enabled just-in-time logistics management system for 'SHIP' - supply Hub in industrial parkQu, T; Luo, H; Cao, N; Fang, J; Zhong, RY; Pang, ALY; Qiu, X; Huang, GQ201249
Job shop scheduling with artificial immune systemsQiu, X; Lau, HYK201223
CloudMedia: When cloud on demand meets video on demandWu, Y; Wu, C; Li, B; Qiu, X; Lau, FCM2011170
Electrical reliability and leakage mechanisms in highly resistive multiferroic La0.1Bi0.9FeO3 ceramicsWang, SY; Qiu, X; Gao, J; Feng, Y; Su, WN; Zheng, JX; Yu, DS; Li, DJ2011878
InstantLeap: An architecture for fast neighbor discovery in large-scale P2P VoD streamingQiu, X; Huang, W; Wu, C; Lau, FCM; Lin, X2010193
An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PSO for job shop scheduling problemsQiu, X; Lau, HYK2010151
An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PSO for Job Shop Scheduling ProblemQiu, X; Lau, HYK2010110
Supply hubs in industrial parks (SHIP): research perspectivesQiu, X; Huang, GQ; Qu, T2010235
InstantLeap: Fast neighbor discovery in P2P VoD streamingQiu, X; Wu, C; Lin, X; Lau, FCM2009371
InstantLeap: Fast Neighbor Discovery in P2P VoD StreamingQiu, X; Wu, C; Lin, X; Lau, FCM2009279
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