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A Cluster-Based Scheduling Model Using SPT and SA for Dynamic Hybrid Flow Shop ProblemsChoi, SH; WANG, K; Qin, H; Huang, Y201339
Deep sequencing of small RNA transcriptome reveals novel non-coding RNAs in hepatocellular carcinomaLaw, PT; Qin, H; Ching, AK; Lai, KP; Co, NN; He, M; Lung, RW; Chan, AW; Chan, TF; Wong, N201326
Discussion and Application Analysis of Hong Kong Sustainable Building Design GuidelinesLau, SSY; Lin, P; Qin, H201393
A Stochastic Programming Model for Evaluating Real Options in Wind Power Investment ProjectsQin, H; Chu, LK201248
A preliminary study on environmental performances of pocket parks in high-rise and high-density urban context in Hong Kong.Lau, SSY; Lin, P; Qin, H201290
Real options model for valuating China greentech investmentsQin, H; Chu, LK201182
Uniform distributions in a class of convex polyhedrons with applications to drug combination studiesTian, GL; Fang, HB; Tan, M; Qin, H; Tang, ML2009146
Design and analysis of optimization methods for subdivision surface fittingCheng, KSD; Wang, W; Qin, H; Wong, KYK; Yang, H; Liu, Y2007439
Synthesizing 2D directional moving texture,Wang, B; Wang, WP; Qin, H; Sun, JG2005164
Profile modification agent with abio-gel coating for high-temperature and high-salinity reservoirTang, XF; Liu, YZ; Chang, ZL; Qin, H; Liu, GH; Cai, L; Lu, W200447
Fitting subdivision surfaces to unorganized point data using SDMCheng, KSD; Wang, W; Qin, H; Wong, KYK; Yang, H; Liu, Y2004111
Determination of linomycin by capillary electrophoresis with electrochemiluminescence detectionQin, H; Cao, W; Liu, J; Yang, X; Wang, E; Fung, YS2001137
Viscosity solution to nonlinear H∞ controlHong, Y; Yung, S; Mei, S; Qin, H199756
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