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Electronic transitions of palladium and platinum monoborideNg, YW; Pang, HF; Wong, YS; Qian, Y; Cheung, ASC201249
Second-order polarizability of Y-type triphenylamine chromophoresLu, W; Qian, Y201166
Coordinating reforms in transition economiesQian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C200798
Coordination and experimentation in M-form and U-form organizationsQian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C2006106
Transcriptome analysis of mouse stem cells and early embryosSharov, AA; Piao, Y; Matoba, R; Dudekula, DB; Qian, Y; VanBuren, V; Falco, G; Martin, PR; Stagg, CA; Bassey, UC; Wang, Y; Carter, MG; Hamatani, T; Aiba, K; Akutsu, H; Sharova, L; Tanaka, TS; Kimber, WL; Yoshikawa, T; Jaradat, SA; Pantano, S; Nagaraja, R; Boheler, KR; Taub, D; Hodes, RJ; Longo, DL; Schlessinger, D; Keller, J; Klotz, E; Kelsoe, G; Umezawa, A; Vescovi, AL; Rossant, J; Kunath, T; Hogan, BLM; Curci, A; D'Urso, M; Kelso, J; Hide, W; Ko, MSH20039
Intramolecular cyclization of benzyl-substituted cyclopentadienyl titanium dichlorides promoted by boron tribromideQian, Y; Huang, J; Ding, K; Zhang, Y; Huang, Q; Chen, XP; Chan, ASC; Wong, WT2002104
Coordination in organizatoins: a comparative analsysisDewatripont M; Qian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C200163
Attribute coordination in organizationsQian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C2001102
Synthesis and crystal structure of lanthanide sandwich complexes with mixed cyclooctatetraenyl and chelating ether side chain-cyclopentadienyl ligands: crystal structures of (η5-MeOCH2CH2Cp)Nd(η8-C8H8)(THF) and (η5-C4H7OCH2C5H4)La(η8-C8H8)(THF)Liu, Q; Liu, Q; Shen, X; Huang, J; Qian, Y; Chan, ASC; Wong, WT2000111
Incentives, information, and organizational formMaskin, E; Qian, Y; Xu, C200092
Why is China different from Eastern Europe? Perspectives from organization theoryQian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C1999139
Two distinct pathways for refilling Ca2+ stores in permeabilized bovine trachealis muscleQian, Y; Bourreau, JP199945
A novel route to titanium compounds containing cyclopentadienyl ligands with bromoethyl substituents; molecular structure of [(η5-C5H4CH2CH2Br)TiBr(µ-O)]4Zheng, L; Huang, J; Qian, Y; Chan, ASC; Leung, KSY; Wong, WT1999106
Chlorination of differentially ring-substituted titanocene complex by SO2Cl2SOCl2 and X-ray structure of chlorinated product [C5H4C(C2H5)2-C6H2-3-Cl-5-Cl-2-O] TiCl2Huang, J; Huang, Q; Qian, Y; Chan, ASC; Wong, W199895
Innovation and Bureaucracy under Soft and Hard Budget ConstraintsQian, Y; Xu, C199887
Coordinating activities under alternative organizational formsMaskin, E; Simonovits, A; Qian, Y; Roland, G; Xu, C199864
Access of extracellular calcium to internal stores in permeabilized bovine trachealis smooth muscleQian, Y; Bourreau, JP199788
Access fo extracellular calcium to internal stores in permeabilized Bovine trachealis smooth muscleQian, Y; Bourreau, JP199793
Probing excitation-contraction coupling in trachealis smooth muscle with the mycotoxin cyclopiazonic acidAmoako, D; Qian, Y; Kwan, CY; Bourreau, JP199686
Direct access of extracellular Ca++ to agonist recruitable internal Ca++ stores in tracheal smooth muscle cellsQian, Y; Bourreau, JP199574
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