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Magnetite (Fe 3O 4) tetrakaidecahedral microcrystals: Synthesis, characterization, and micro-Raman studyGuo, C; Hu, Y; Qian, H; Ning, J; Xu, S2011214
Particle removal efficiency of the portable HEPA air cleaner in a simulated hospital wardQian, H; Li, Y; Sun, H; Nielsen, PV; Huang, X; Zheng, X2010438
Natural ventilation for reducing airborne infection in hospitalsQian, H; Li, Y; Seto, WH; Ching, P; Ching, WH; Sun, HQ2010508
Removal of exhaled particles by ventilation and deposition in a multibed airborne infection isolation roomQian, H; Li, Y2010510
Surface temperature distribution of Chinese KangsQian, H; Li, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, J2010416
Spatial distribution of infection risk of SARS transmission in a hospital wardQian, H; Li, Y; Nielsen, PV; Huang, X2009795
Field measurement of naturally ventilated hospital wards in Hong KongQian, H; Li, Y; Ching, WH; Sun, H2009435
ISHVAC09 Proceedings, Nov 6-9, 2009, Nanjing, ChinaZhang, X; Li, Y; Zhu, Y; Chen, Z; Qian, H200964
Wind through building clusters: macroscopic simulation using a porous turbulence modelQian, H; Li, Y2009161
ISHVAC09 Proceedings, Nov 6-9, 2009, Nanjing, ChinaZhang, X; Li, Y; Zhu, Y; Chen, Z; Qian, H200975
Cross infection in a hospital ward and deposition of particles exhaled from a source patientNielsen, PV; Li, Y; Buus, M; Winther, FV; Qian, H2009287
Experimental assessment of thermal performance of an elevated Chinese Kang SystemZhuang, Z; Li, Y; Duanmu, L; Wang, Z; Chen, B; Qian, H; Sun, Y; Zhao, Y; Liu, L2008137
An improved CDC isolation room ventilation method for infection controlXie, X; Qian, H; Li, Y200890
Dispersion of exhalation pollutants in a two-bed hospital ward with a downward ventilation systemQian, H; Li, Y; Nielsen, PV; Hyldgaard, CE2008140
Protection against cross infection in hospital beds with integrated personalized ventilationNielsen, PV; Polak, M; Jiang, H; Li, Y; Qian, H2008130
Ad-PUMA sensitizes drug-resistant choriocarcinoma cells to chemotherapeutic agentsChen, Y; Qian, H; Wang, H; Zhang, X; Fu, M; Liang, X; Ma, Y; Zhan, Q; Lin, C; Xiang, Y2007210
Role of ventilation in airborne transmission of infectious agents in the built environment - A multidisciplinary systematic reviewLi, Y; Leung, GM; Tang, JW; Yang, X; Chao, CYH; Lin, JZ; Lu, JW; Nielsen, PV; Niu, J; Qian, H; Sleigh, AC; Su, HJJ; Sundell, J; Wong, TW; Yuen, PL2007179
Particle removal efficiency of a portable hepa air cleaner in a hospital wardQian, H; Li, Y; Huang, X; Sun, H; Seto, WH; Yuen, PL2007120
An evaluation of the ventilation performance of new SARS isolation wards in nine hospitals in Hong KongLi, Y; Ching, WH; Qian, H; Yuen, PL; Seto, WH; Kwan, JK; Leung, JKC; Leung, M; Yu, SCT2007164
Performance of air-conditioning systems in sars negative pressure isolation roomsLi, Y; Ching, WH; Qian, H; Yuen, PL200696
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