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Abrogated expression of DEC1 during oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma progression is age- and family history-related and significantly associated with lymph node metastasisWong, VCL; Ko, JMY; Qi, RZ; Li, PJ; Wang, LD; Li, JL; Chan, YP; Chan, KW; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2011233
Frequent decreased expression of candidate tumor suppressor gene, DEC1, and its anchorage-independent growth properties and impact on global gene expression in esophageal carcinomaLeung, ACC; Wong, VCL; Li, CY; Pui, LC; Daigo, Y; Nakamura, Y; Qi, RZ; Miller, LD; Liu, ETB; Li, DW; Li, JL; Law, S; Sai, WT; Lung, ML2008174
α-Chimaerin exists in a functional complex with the Cdk5 kinase in brainQi, RZ; Ching, YP; Kung, HF; Wang, JH200493
Identification of a neuronal Cdk5 activator-binding protein as Cdk5 inhibitorChing, YP; Pang, ASH; Lam, WH; Qi, RZ; Wang, JH2002107
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