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Activation of the Nrf2/HO-1 antioxidant pathway contributes to the protective effects of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides in the rodent retina after ischemia-reperfusion-induced damageHe, M; Pan, H; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Brecha, NC; Pu, M201429
Direct retino-raphe projection alters serotonergic tone and affective behaviorRen, C; Luan, L; Lau, WM; Huang, X; Yang, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, X; Gao, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M201342
Long-term in vivo imaging and measurement of dendritic shrinkage of retinal ganglion cellsLeung, CKS; Weinreb, RN; Li, ZW; Liu, S; Lindsey, JD; Choi, N; Liu, L; Cheung, CYL; Ye, C; Qiu, K; Chen, LJ; Yung, WH; Crowston, JG; Pu, M; So, KF; Pang, CP; Lam, DSC2011201
Light deprivation induces depression-like behavior and suppresses neurogenesis in diurnal Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Lau, BWM; Ren, C; Yang, J; Yan, SWL; Chang, RCC; Pu, M; So, KF2011154
Y-like retinal ganglion cells innervate the dorsal raphe nucleus in the Mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)Luan, L; Ren, C; Lau, BWM; Yang, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M2011212
Mongolian gerbil as a seasonal affective disorder animal modelRen, C; Lau, WM; Luan, L; Yang, J; So, KF; Pu, M2010106
Visual response properties of Y cells in the detached feline retinaNan, Y; Xiao, C; Chen, B; EllisBehnke, RG; So, KF; Pu, M201096
Physiological response properties of retinal ganglion cells indifferent retinal disease animal modelsXiao, B; Nan, Y; Zhang, D; Chen, B; Ren, C; Yu, E; Ellis-Behnke, RG; So, KF; Guan, Y; Pu, M2008175
Visual response properties of cat retinal ganglion cells after retinal detachmentNan, Y; Xiao, CX; Zhang, Y; Chen, BY; Yu, EH; Ellis-Behnke, RG; So, KF; Lewis, GP; Fisher, SK; Pu, M200784
A suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cell exhibits an unusually large dendritic field in the hamsterPu, M; Chen, B; Li, RS; Tay, D; So, KF2006157
Non-melanopsin-expressing SCN-projecting ganglion cells in the golden hamster retinaPu, M; Chen, B; Tay, DKC; Yu, E; So, KF200591
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