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Do COMT, BDNF and NRG1 polymorphisms influence P50 sensory gating in psychosis?Shaikh, M; Hall, MH; Schulze, K; Dutt, A; Walshe, M; Williams, I; Constante, M; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; Collier, D; Rijsdijk, F; Powell, J; Arranz, M; Murray, RM; Bramon, E2011156
Positional Pathway Screen of wnt Signaling Genes in Schizophrenia: Association with DKK4Proitsi, P; Li, T; Hamilton, G; Di Forti, M; Collier, D; Killick, R; Chen, R; Sham, P; Murray, R; Powell, J; Lovestone, S2008141
Proteome-based plasma biomarkers for Alzheimer's diseaseHye, A; Lynham, S; Thambisetty, M; Causevic, M; Campbell, J; Byers, HL; Hooper, C; Rijsdijk, F; Tabrizi, SJ; Banner, S; Shaw, CE; Foy, C; Poppe, M; Archer, N; Hamilton, G; Powell, J; Brown, RG; Sham, P; Ward, M; Lovestone, S2006137
The Paleogene PeriodLuterbacher, H; Ali, JR; Brinkhuis, H; Gradstein, FM; Hooker, JJ; Monechi, S; Ogg, JG; Powell, J; Rohl, U; Sanfilippo, A; Schmitz, B2005168
Allelic functional variation of serotonin transporter expression is a susceptibility factor for late onset Alzheimer's diseaseLi, T; Holmes, C; Sham, PC; Vallada, H; Birkett, J; Kirov, G; Lesch, KP; Powell, J; Lovestone, S; Collier, D199762
Apolipoprotein E genotype and late paraphreniaHoward, R; Dennehey, J; Lovestone, S; Birkett, J; Sham, P; Powell, J; Castle, D; Murray, R; Levy, R199549
Linkage studies of bipolar disorder in the region of the Darier's disease gene on chromosome 12q23-24.1Dawson, E; Parfitt, E; Roberts, Q; Daniels, J; Lim, L; Sham, P; Nothen, M; Propping, P; Lanczik, M; Maier, W; Reuner, U; Weissenbach, J; Gill, M; Powell, J; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Craddock, N199593
Evidence for a genetic association between alleles of monoamine oxidase A gene and bipolar affective disorderLim, LCC; Powell, J; Sham, P; Castle, D; Hunt, N; Murray, R; Gill, M199548
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