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Mandalas as indicators of burnout among end-of-life care workersPotash, JS; Bardot, H; Wang, X; Chan, F; Ho, AHY; Cheng, C201414
Viewing and engaging in an art therapy exhibit by people living with mental illness: Implications for empathy and social changePotash, JS; Ho, RTH; Chick, JKY; Au Yeung, FSW201358
A more complete knowing: The subjective objective partnershipPotash, JS201326
A more complete knowing: The subjective objective partnershipPotash, JS201322
Art making in a Family Medicine Clerkship: How does it affect student empathy?Chen, JY; Potash, JS; Lam, CLK; Chau, TW201328
Art-mediated peer-to-peer learning of empathyPotash, JS; Chen, JY201331
The impact of an art-making workshop on medical student empathyChen, JY; Potash, JS; Lam, CLK; Chau, TW201324
Art Therapy Supervision for Hospice Palliative Care Workers.Ho, AHY; Potash, JS201330
Deconstructing Patterns of Social Stigma towards people living with mental illness: A Latent Class Analysis in Hong KongHo, AHY; Fong, TCT; Potash, JS; Ho, FLV; Chen, EYH; Ho, RTH201330
Enhancing Public Awareness of People living with Mental Illness through Art Therapy, Response Art Workshops and Public Art Exhibitions.Ho, AHY; Potash, JS; Ho, RTH; Ho, FLV201325
Using the Arts to Increase understanding and support for People Living with Mental Illness.Ho, RTH; Potash, JS; Ho, AHY; Chen, EYH; Ho, FLV201311
Reducing burnout for end-of-life care workers: Art Therapy based supervision hospice: art in supervisionPotash, JS201328
Engaging ethical decision making in Art Therapy practicePotash, JS; Doby-Copeland, C201337
Art Therapy ethical practice and multicultural/diversity competenceDoby-Copeland, C; Talwar, S; Vance, L; Potash, JS201338
Broadening history, expanding possibilities: Contributions of wayne ramirez to art therapyPotash, JS; Ramirez, WA201322
Memory boxesPotash, JS; Handel, S201265
Using Art Exhibits and Art Response to Foster Empathy for Social ChangePotash, JS201255
Implications of art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz, D; Potash, JS; Chan, MS2012109
Introduction to art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz-Penkin, DL; Potash, JS; Chan, SM201286
Art Therapy in Asia: To the Bone or Wrapped in SilkKalmanowitz-Penkin, DL; Potash, JS; Chan, SM2012117
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