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The effectiveness of structural interventions at suicide hotspots: a meta-analysisPirkis, J; Spittal, MJ; Cox, G; Robinson, J; Cheung, YTD; Studdert, D201324
Application of Scan Statistics to Detect Suicide Clusters in AustraliaCheung, YTD; Spittal, MJ; Williamson, MK; Tung, SJ; Pirkis, J201325
Spatial analysis of suicide mortality in Australia: investigation of metropolitan-rural-remote differentials of suicide risk across states/territoriesCheung, YTD; Spittal, MJ; Pirkis, J; Yip, PSF201280
Changes in suicide rates following media reports on celebrity suicide: A meta-analysisNiederkrotenthaler, T; Fu, KW; Yip, PSF; Fong, DYT; Stack, S; Cheng, Q; Pirkis, J2012140
Suicide clusters in young people: Evidence for the effectiveness of postvention strategiesCox, GR; Robinson, J; Williamson, M; Lockley, A; Cheung, YTD; Pirkis, J201248
Suicide and suicide prevention in AsiaHendin, H; Phillips, MR; Vijayakumar,; Pirkis, J; Wang, H; Yip, PSF; Wassermann, D; Bertolete, JM; Fleischmann, A2008109
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