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Telbivudine in combination with adefovir versus adefovir monotherapy in HBeAg-positive, lamivudine-resistant chronic hepatitis BAhn, SH; Kweon, YO; Paik, SW; Sohn, JH; Lee, KS; Kim, DJ; Piratvisuth, T; Yuen, MF; Chutaputti, A; Chao, YC; Trylesinski, A; Avila, C2012109
Chronic hepatitis B: Whom to treat and for how long? Propositions, challenges, and future directionsAhn, SH; Chan, HLY; Chen, PJ; Cheng, J; Goenka, MK; Hou, J; Lim, SG; Omata, M; Piratvisuth, T; Xie, Q; Yim, HJ; Yuen, MF2010207
World gastroenterology organisation practice guideline - hepatitis B September 2008Heathcote, J; Abbas, Z; Alberti, A; Benhamou, Y; Chen, C; Elewaut, A; Ferenci, P; Hui, C; Isakov, V; Janssen, H; Lau, G; Lira, S; Okanoue, T; OnoNita, S; Piratvisuth, T; Rizzetto, M; Sollano, I; Pearman, W; Yeh, CT; Yuen, M; Krabshuis, J200980
Errata: Asian-Pacific consensus statement on the management of chronic hepatitis B: a 2008 updateLiaw, YF; Leung, N; Kao, JH; Piratvisuth, T; Gane, E; Han, KH; Guan, R; Lau, GKK; Locarnini, S; The Chronic Hepatitis B Guideline Working Party of the Asian-Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver2008130
Predicting response to peginterferon α-2a, lamivudine and the two combined for HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis BBonino, F; Marcellin, P; Lau, GKK; Hadziyannis, S; Jin, R; Piratvisuth, T; Germanidis, G; Yurdaydin, C; Diago, M; Gurel, S; Lai, MY; Brunetto, MR; Farci, P; Popescu, M; McCloud, P2007112
Peginterferon Alfa-2a, lamivudine, and the combination for HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis BLau, GK; Piratvisuth, T; Luo, KX; Marcellin, P; Thongsawat, S; Cooksley, G; Gane, E; Fried, MW; Chow, WC; Paik, SW; Chang, WY; Berg, T; Flisiak, R; McCloud, P; Pluck, N2005393
Practical Difficulties in the Management of Hepatitis B in the Asia-Pacific RegionMohamed, R; Desmond, P; Suh, DJ; Amarapurkar, D; Gane, E; Guangbi, Y; Hou, JL; Jafri, W; Lai, CL; Lee, CH; Lee, SD; Lim, SG; Guan, R; Phiet, PH; Piratvisuth, T; Sollano, J; Wu, JC2004117
Peginterferon alfa-2a alone, lamivudine alone, and the two in combination in patients with HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis BMarcellin, P; Lau, GK; Bonino, F; Farci, P; Hadziyannis, S; Jin, R; Lu, ZM; Piratvisuth, T; Germanidis, G; Yurdaydin, C; Diago, M; Gurel, S; Lai, MY; Button, P; Pluck, N2004254
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