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Incentives and barriers to adopting the family doctor model in Hong Kong: an in-depth qualitative study of the views, knowledge, and attitudes of patientsMercer, SW; Griffiths, SM; Lam, CLK; Lee, A; Wong, WCW; Lam, TP; Hillier, S; Phillips, DR; Jones, RH2011155
Person-environment (p-e) fit models and psychological well-being among older persons in Hong KongPhillips, DR; Cheng, KHC; Yeh, AGO; Siu, OL2010607
Role resources and work-family enrichment: The role of work engagementSiu, OL; Lu, JF; Brough, P; Lu, CQ; Bakker, AB; Kalliath, T; O'Driscoll, M; Phillips, DR; Chen, WQ; Lo, D; Sit, C; Shi, K2010134
A study of resiliency among Chinese health care workers: Capacity to cope with workplace stressSiu, OL; Hui, CH; Phillips, DR; Lin, L; Wong, Tw; Shi, K2009257
Informal social support and older persons' psychological well-being in Hong KongPhillips, DR; Siu, OL; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC200870
The impacts of dwelling conditions on older persons' psychological well-being in Hong Kong: The mediating role of residential satisfactionPhillips, DR; Siu, OL; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC2005532
Ageing and the Urban EnvironmentPhillips, DR; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC2004267
Factors Influencing Older Persons' Residential Satisfaction in Big and Densely Populated Cities in Asia : A Case Study in Hong KongPhillips, DR; Siu, OL; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC2004123
Hong Kong and China in 1997: the implications for migration of elderly people - opportunities, constraints or impetusChow, N; Phillips, DR199374
Foreign investment and trade: impact on spatial structure of the economyPhillips, DR; GarOn Yeh, A199051
The provision of housing and social services in China's Special Economic Zones.Phillips, DR; Yeh, AGO198749
Filipinos help themselves to housing.Phillips, DR; Yeh, AGO198342
China experiments with modernisation: the Shenzhen special economic zone.Phillips, DR; Yeh, AGO198365
Changing attitudes to housing provision: BLISS in the Philippines?Phillips, DR; Yeh, AGO198375
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