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An international consensus for medical leadership on alcoholColtart, C; Anderson, I; Barh, B; Dewhurst, N; Donohoe, J; Dukat, A; Gilmore, I; Gunaratne, P; Hood, V; Kershenobich, D; Kolbe, J; Li, P; Liang, R; Madaree, A; Mayosi, B; Phanthumchinda, K; Thompson, R201173
Migraine disability awareness campaign in Asia: Migraine assessment for prophylaxis: Research submissionWang, SJ; Chung, CS; Chankrachang, S; Ravishankar, K; Merican, JS; Salazar, G; Siow, C; Cheung, RTF; Phanthumchinda, K; Sakai, F200865
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