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Enhanced immune response and protective effects of nano-chitosan-based DNA vaccine encoding T cell epitopes of Esat-6 and FL against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionFeng, G; Jiang, Q; Xia, M; Lu, Y; Qiu, W; Zhao, D; Lu, L; Peng, G; Wang, Y201342
Sub-lexical phonological and semantic processing of semantic radicals: a primed naming studyZhou, L; Peng, G; Zheng, HY; Su, IF; Wang, WSY201331
The influence of language experience on categorical perception of pitch contoursPeng, G; Zheng, HY; Gong, T; Yang, RX; Kong, JP; Wang, WSY201099
Performance evaluation of five detection tests for avian influenza antigen with various avian samplesChua, TH; Ellis, TM; Wong, CW; Guan, Y; Sheng, XG; Peng, G; Lamichhane, C; Maliadis, C; Tan, SW; Selleck, P; Parkinson, J2007125
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