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The roles of exposure and speed in road safety analysisPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2012107
Full Bayesian Method for the Development of Speed Models: Applications of GPS Probe DataPei, X; Wong, SC; Li, YC; Sze, NN201249
Disaggregated crash prediction models for different crash typesPei, X; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Yao, D201252
Is a combined enforcement and penalty strategy effective in combating red light violations? An aggregate model of violation behavior in Hong KongSze, NN; Wong, SC; Pei, X; Choi, PW; Lo, YK2011219
A joint-probability model for crash occurrence and crash severity at signalized intersectionPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011121
A joint-probability approach to crash prediction modelsPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011103
Negative binomial regression model for road accidents analysis in Hong KongPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2010136
Negative binomial regression model for disaggregate analysis of road accidents in Hong KongPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2009117
Synchronous phase clustering in a network of neurons with spatially decaying excitatory couplingWang, Y; Wang, ZD; Li, YX; Pei, X2003112
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