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Problem based learning in the MSW Programme: A study of learning outcomes.Wong, KP; Pearson, VJ; Ho, JKM; Wong, YC2007101
Problem based learning in an MSW programme: A study of learning outcomePearson, VJ; Wong, KP; Ho, JKM; Wong, YC2007147
Mission possible; Building social work professional identity through fieldwork placements in ChinaWong, YC; Pearson, VJ2006155
The first encounter - experiencing social work practice in ChinaWong, YC; Pearson, VJ; Leung, JCB200577
沪港合作: 社会工作实习叁年的经验总结Wong, YC; Pearson, VJ; Leung, JCB2005219
The Structure and Content of Social Inclusion; Voices of Young Adults with a Learning Disability in GuangzhouPearson, VJ; Wong, YC; Pierini, J200259
Preparing for the future: Social work training and Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Hong Kong UniversityTsang, SKM; Pearson, VJ2002121
Glorious Work: The Employment Situation of Adults with a Learning Disability in GuangzhouPearson, VJ; Pierini, J; Wong, YC200081
Experiences of Unplanned Integrated Education of Students with Special NeedsPearson, VJ; Ip, FYS; Hui, HSK; Lo, EMK; Chui, EWT; Wong, KP199894
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