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Reviewing ICT Research Publications in Hong Kong Post-secondary Education
Enhancing Learning Through Technology: Research on Emerging Technologies and Pedagogies
World Scientific Publishing.
Fox, RMK; Pearson, J2008137
Reviewing Research into Technology in Hong Kong Higher Education
Proceedings of the Second Emerging Technologies Conference 2008, Australia, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, 18 - 20 June 2008
Fox, RMK; Pearson, J2008129
Researching a Decade of ICT in Post-Secondary EducationFox, R; Pearson, J2007483
Access to Computers in Schools: Are Tablet PCs the Way Forward?Pearson, J2006507
Transcript of the question and answer sessions from the Fifth International Symposium on Avian Influenza
Avian Diseases
American Association of Avian Pathologists, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Swayne, DE; Woolcock, P; Perez, D; Selleck, P; Kinde, H; Eckroade, R; Dunn, P; Naeem, K; Rivera, E; Alexander, D; Donahoe, J; Zanella, A; Slemons, R; Cutler, G; Glauer, D; Sims, L; Capua, I; Michel, B; Trock, S; Mutinelli, F; Suarez, D; Miles, A; Halvorson, D; Brown, I; Cardona, C; Fouchier, R; Henzler, D; Van Der Goot, J; Kuhne, PJG; Jestin, V; Karunakaran, D; Webster, R; Hanson, B; Geale, D; Campitelli, L; Romero, C; Cattoli, G; Burns, K; O'conner, R; Kawaoka, Y; Senne, D; Trock, S; Subbarao, K; Koch, G; Won Lee, C; Mccullers, J; Peiris, M; Lindstrom, S; Koch, G; Webby, R; Perez, DR; Bublot, M; Reid, A; Bridge, C; Stohr, K; Swayne, D; Katz, J; Matsuoka, Y; Rowe, T; Tumpey, T; Lu, H; Banks, J; Marangon, S; SchultzCherry, S; Shirley, L; Beard, C; Bright, R; Rudd, K; Pharo, H; Myers, TJ; Pearson, J; Kounev, Z; Pittman, M; Tam, G; Anthony, C; Cox, N; Erasmus, B; Naeem, K; Holt, P; Ehlers, M; Silim, A; Tollis, M; Fernandez, R; Gonder, E; Spackman, E; Pasick, J; Perdue, M; Dybkaer, K; Collins, R; Akey, B; Byrd, C; Hatkins, J; Preston, K; MarshJohnson, T2003222
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