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Minimizing the communication cost for continuous skyline maintenanceZhang, Z; Cheng, R; Papadias, D; Tung, AKH2009160
Continuous Nearest Neighbor Monitoring in Road NetworksMouratidis, K; Yiu, ML; Papadias, D; Mamoulis, N2006134
Reverse nearest neighbors in large graphsYiu, ML; Papadias, D; Mamoulis, N; Tao, Y2006546
RPJ: Producing fast join results on streams through rate-based optimizationTao, Y; Yiu, ML; Papadias, D; Hadjieleftheriou, M; Mamoulis, N2005161
Reverse nearest neighbors in large graphsYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D; Tao, Y2005459
Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in road networksYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2005574
Complex spatial query processingMamoulis, N; Papadias, D; Arkoumanis, D2004164
An efficient cost model for optimization of nearest neighbor search in low and medium dimensional spacesTao, Y; Zhang, J; Papadias, D; Mamoulis, N2004536
All-nearest-neighbors queries in spatial databasesZhang, J; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D; Tao, Y2004515
Evaluation of iceberg distance joinsShou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cao, H; Papadias, D; Cheung, DW2003125
Query Processing in Spatial Network DatabasesPapadias, D; Zhang, J; Mamoulis, N; Tao, Y2003115
Validity information retrieval for spatio-temporal queries: Theoretical performance boundsTao, Y; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2003128
Slot index spatial joinMamoulis, N; Papadias, D2003403
View selection using randomized searchKalnis, P; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2002125
Indexing and Retrieval of Historical Aggregate Information about Moving ObjectsPapadias, D; Tao, Y; Zhang, J; Mamoulis, N; Shen, Q; Sun, J2002537
Constraint-based processing of multiway spatial joinsPapadias, D; Mamoulis, N; Theodoridis, Y200191
Spatial Joins: Algorithms, Cost Models and Optimization TechniquesMamoulis, N; Papadias, D; Theodoridis, Y200198
Approximate spatio-temporal retrievalPapadias, D; Mamoulis, N; Delis, V200190
Selectivity Estimation of Complex Spatial QueriesMamoulis, N; Papadias, D200185
Multiway Spatial JoinsMamoulis, N; Papadias, D2001113
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