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Influence of implants with different sizes and configurations installed immediately into extraction sockets on peri-implant hard and soft tissues: an experimental study in dogsCaneva, M; Botticelli, D; Rossi, F; Cardoso, LC; Pantani, F; Lang, NP201286
Deproteinized bovine bone mineral in marginal defects at implants installed immediately into extraction sockets: an experimental study in dogsCaneva, M; Botticelli, D; Pantani, F; Baffone, GM; Rangel Jr, IG; Lang, NP2012139
Bone healing pattern in surgically created circumferential defects around submerged implants: an experimental study in dogRossi, F; Botticelli, D; Pantani, F; Pereira, FP; Salata, LA; Lang, NP2012159
Bone regeneration at implants placed into extraction sockets of maxillary incisors in dogsSantis, ED; Botticelli, D; Pantani, F; Pereira, FP; Beolchini, M; Lang, NP2011473
Influence of various implant platform configurations on peri-implant tissue dimensions: An experimental study in dogBaffone, GM; Botticelli, D; Pantani, F; Cardoso, LC; Schweikert, MT; Lang, NP2011158
Influence of lateral pressure to the implant bed on osseointegration: an experimental study in dogs.Pantani, F; Botticelli, D; Garcia Jr, IR; Salata, LA; Borges, GJ; Lang, NP201083
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