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RFID-enabled Real-time Advanced Planning and Scheduling Shell for Production Decision-makingZhong, R; Li, Z; Pang, LY; Pan, Y; Qu, T; Huang, GQ201335
De novo assembly of the genome of a haloacid degrading Burkholderia caribensisPan, Y; Tsang, JSH201322
New halogenated disinfection byproducts in swimming pool water and their permeability across skinXiao, F; Zhang, X; Zhai, H; Lo, IMC; Tipoe, GL; Yang, M; Pan, Y; Chen, GH201234
Isolation and Identification of Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells from BxPC-3 Cell Line Cultured in Serum-Free MediumPan, Y; Hua, YQ; Liu, LM; Shen, J2012106
Auto-ID enabled real-time manufacturing shop-floor management: a case study in a fastener manufacturerPan, Y; Huang, GQ; Zhong, RY; Qu, T; Pang, LY; Zhang, YF201227
Computationally Evaluating and Reproducing the Beauty of Chinese CalligraphyXu, S; Jiang, H; Lau, FCM; Pan, Y201287
RAPshell for RFID-enabled real-time shopfloor production planning, scheduling and executionZhong, RY; Pang, LY; Pan, Y; Qu, T; Huang, GQ201220
Transplantation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells transfected with ectodysplasin for regeneration of sweat glandsCai, S; Pan, Y; Han, B; Sun, TZ; Sheng, ZY; Fu, XB201197
Tunable interfacial properties of epitaxial graphene on metal substratesGao, M; Pan, Y; Zhang, C; Hu, H; Yang, R; Lu, H; Cai, J; Du, S; Liu, F; Gao, HJ201091
Fabrication and optoelectronic properties of novel films based on functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes and (Phthalocyaninato)Ruthenium(II) via coordination bonded layer-by-layer self-assemblyZhao, W; Tong, B; Shi, J; Pan, Y; Shen, J; Zhi, J; Chan, WK; Dong, Y2010124
Proceedings of the 2010 2nd International Conference on Future Computer and Communication, ICFCC 2010: PrefaceKleinrock, L; Yang, Z; Tan, L; Zhuang, W; Pan, Y; Zukerman, M; Lu, C; Hiang, CT; Rosberg, Z; Li, J; Ma, M; Yoong, C; Hanumanthappa, J; Malekian, R; Govil, J; Abdullah, LN; Sun, HM; Saravanan, V; Zafar, NA; Nair, MS; Voyles, RM; Kang, DJ; Lee, SH; Fathabadi, H; Reza, AW; Samak, A; Kenny, RF; Mahmoud, M; Algadi, N; Laurie, M; Mahmoud, SS; Sun, J; John, R; Niccolo, C; Kumar, MP; Chaiwanarom, P; Kumar, PS; Marc, S; Jilani, TA; Chowdhury, S; Ljubo, V; Guo, W; Mohanty, BK; Ankur, A; Sandhu, PS; Hu, W; Thatcher, S; Srinonchat, J; Tabrizi, MN; Ahmed, HMS; Tobgay, S; Sree, PK; MinAllah, N; Alhadidi, B; Ahmed, TO; Ménard, PA; Nehra, NK; Chang, CY; Hung, LL; Fortino, G; Wang, CL; Tseng, HR; Orsag, F; Calafate, CT; Fischione, C; Farago, A; Pujolle, G; Prokhorov, D; Busch, C; Aravind, A; Cuzzocrea, A; Bolumar, FJS; Liu, Y; Yang, S; Andrew, L; Zhang, C2010152
A real options perspective of ownership change in equity joint venturesGao, Y; Xu, D; Pan, Y200991
Automatic generation of Chinese calligraphic writings with style imitationXu, S; Jiang, H; Jin, T; Lau, FCM; Pan, Y2009111
Multifunctional yolk-shell nanoparticles: A potential MRI contrast and anticancer agentGao, J; Liang, G; Cheung, JS; Pan, Y; Kuang, Y; Zhao, F; Zhang, B; Zhang, X; Wu, EX; Xu, B2008305
Performance of multinational firms' subsidiaries: Influences of cumulative experienceGao, GY; Pan, Y; Lu, J; Tao, Z2008110
Automatic facsimile of chinese calligraphic writingsXu, S; Jiang, H; Jin, T; Lau, FCM; Pan, Y200888
An intelligent system for chinese calligraphyXu, S; Jiang, H; Lau, FCM; Pan, Y2007109
A Proficiency Course in Zhuang: Fieldwork Documentation and Revitalization of a Language and Culture of Southwestern ChinaBodomo, AB; Pan, Y200797
A generic pigment model for digital paintingXu, S; Tan, H; Jiao, X; Lau, FCM; Pan, Y2007139
Market share performance of foreign and domestic brands in ChinaGao, GY; Pan, Y; Tse, DK; Yim, CK2006593
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