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Prefrontal deviations in function but not volume are putative endophenotypes for schizophreniaOwens, SF; Picchioni, MM; Ettinger, U; McDonald, C; Walshe, M; Schmechtig, A; Murray, RM; Rijsdijk, F; Toulopoulou, T2012133
Genetic overlap between episodic memory deficits and schizophrenia: Results from the Maudsley Twin StudyOwens, SF; Picchioni, MM; Rijsdijk, FV; Stahl, D; Vassos, E; Rodger, AK; Collier, DA; Murray, RM; Toulopoulou, T2011147
Genetic overlap between schizophrenia and selective components of executive functionOwens, SF; Rijsdijk, F; Picchioni, MM; Stahl, D; Nenadic, I; Murray, RM; Toulopoulou, T2011115
Striatal dopamine synthesis capacity in twins discordant for schizophreniaShotbolt, P; Stokes, PR; Owens, SF; Toulopoulou, T; Picchioni, MM; Bose, SK; Murray, RM; Howes, OD2011133
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