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DNA pooling: A tool for large-scale association studiesSham, P; Bader, JS; Craig, I; O'donovan, M; Owen, M200259
Susceptibility genes for a trait measure of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study in a non-clinical sample of twinsPayton, A; Holmes, J; Barrett, JH; Sham, P; Harrington, R; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Ollier, W; Worthington, J; Thapar, A200154
Genesis: Creating a composite index of the vulnerability to anxiety and depression in a community-based sample of siblingsSham, PC; Sterne, A; Purcell, S; Cherny, S; Webters, M; Rijsdijk, F; Asherson, P; Ball, D; Craig, I; Eley, T; Goldberg, D; Gray, J; Mann, A; Owen, M; Plomin, R200078
Linkage disequilibrium mapping of chromosome 22 in schizophrenia using DNA pooling on Chinese and Scottish populationsCollier, DA; Li, T; Hu, X; Liu, X; Murray, RM; Sham, PC; Asherson, P; Hill, L; Ninomiya, T; Craig, I; Owen, M; Plomin, R; Breen, G; Shaw, DJ; St Clair, D199858
Catechol-O-methyltransferase polymorphisms and schizophrenia: A transmission disequilibrium study in multiply affected familiesKunugi, H; Vallada, HP; Sham, PC; Hoda, F; Arranz, MJ; Li, T; Nanko, S; Murray, RM; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Gill, M; Collier, DA199760
A combined analysis of D22S278 marker alleles in affected sib-pairs: Support for a susceptibility locus for schizophrenia at chromosome 22q12Gill, M; Vallada, H; Collier, D; Sham, P; Holmans, P; Murray, R; Mcguffin, P; Nanko, S; Owen, M; Antonarakis, S; Housman, D; Kazazian, H; Nestadt, G; Pulver, AE; Straub, RE; Maclean, CJ; Walsh, D; Kendler, KS; Delisi, L199671
Assessing the statistical power to detect linkage in a sample of 51 bipolar affective disorder pedigreesLim, LCC; Craddock, N; Owen, M; Sham, P; Nöthen, MM; Körner, J; Rietschel, M; Fimmer, R; Propping, P; Mcguffin, P; Murray, R; Gill, M199663
Chromosome 22 markers demonstrate transmission disequilibrium with schizophreniaVallada, H; Curtis, D; Sham, PC; Murray, RM; Mcguffin, P; Nanko, S; Gill, M; Owen, M; Collier, DA199549
No evidence for linkage between the X-chromosome marker DXS7 and schizophreniaOkoro, C; Bell, R; Sham, P; Nanko, S; Asherson, P; Owen, M; Gill, M; Mcguffin, P; Murray, RM; Collier, D199555
Systematic search for major genes in schizophrenia: Methodological issues and results from chromosome 12Dawson, E; Powell, JF; Sham, P; Shaikh, S; Taylor, C; Clements, A; Asherson, P; Sargeant, M; Collier, D; Nanko, S; Whatley, S; Murray, R; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Gill, M199570
Linkage studies on chromosome 22 in familial schizophreniaVallada, HP; Gill, M; Sham, P; Lim, LCC; Nanko, S; Asherson, P; Murray, RM; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Collier, D199569
Linkage studies of bipolar disorder in the region of the Darier's disease gene on chromosome 12q23-24.1Dawson, E; Parfitt, E; Roberts, Q; Daniels, J; Lim, L; Sham, P; Nothen, M; Propping, P; Lanczik, M; Maier, W; Reuner, U; Weissenbach, J; Gill, M; Powell, J; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Craddock, N199593
Schizophrenia and the androgen receptor gene: Report of a sibship showing co-segregation with Reifenstein syndrome but no evidence for linkage in 23 multiply affected familiesArranz, M; Sharma, T; Sham, P; Kerwin, R; Nanko, S; Owen, M; Gill, M; Collier, D199549
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