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Neighborhood Development and Its Impact on Sense of Community in Contemporary Chinese Cities – Cases Studies from Urban GuangzhouJia, B; Lau, SSY; Ou, Y2008349
(S) Compact Neighborhood and its Effects on Residents’ Sense of Community
International Conference on China’s Urban Land and Housing in the 21st Century, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
Lau, SSY; Ou, Y; Jia, B2007233
(S) The Effects of Compact Neighborhood Design on Pedestrian Behavior in Contemporary Chinese Cities - Case Study from Urban Guangzhou, Proceeding of the 6th International Conference on Tall Buildings ICTB –VI, (T5: Social and Economic Aspects of Tall Res
The China Academy of Building Research, Tongji University and the University of Hong Kong
Lau, SSY; Ou, Y; Jia, B2005166
Sustainable design in its simplest form: lessons from the living villages of Fujian rammed earth houses
Structural Survey
Emerald Group Publishing Limited. The Journal's web site is located at
Lau, SSY; Garcia, R; Ou, Y; Kwok, MM; Zhang, Y; Shen, SJ; Namba, H2005224
(S) Work-unit and Commodity Neighborhoods: Evaluating the Residents' Preference
International Conference on Adequate and Affordable Housing for All: Research, Policy, Practice
Centre for Urban & Community Studies, University of Toronto.
Ou, Y; Lau, SSY2004175
Management of child abuse in Hong Kong: Results of a territory-wide interhospital prospective surveillance study
Hong Kong Medical Journal
Hong Kong Medical Association. The Journal's web site is located at
Tsang, A; Kwan, E; Yu, CM; Tai, SM; Ip, P; Cheung, P; Ho, L; Tse, W; Ho, S; But, B; Lee, WH; Cherk, SWW; Leung, LCK; Ho, CS; Tse, PWT; Chan, JYC; Cheng, PS; Wong, HL; Yau, FT; Tong, CT; Lee, KP; Yam, KL; Lee, LP; Cheng, A; Huen, KF; Mak, WC; Chan, KC; Tsui, KW; Wong, TW; Lee, ACW; Ou, Y; So, KT2003362
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