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Magnetic control of the valley degree of freedom of massive Dirac fermions with application to transition metal dichalcogenidesCai, TY; Yang, SYA; Li, X; Zhang, F; Shi, JR; Yao, W; Niu, Q201327
Impacts of mosquito control agents on amphibians and an Aquatic Food Web in South ChinaKarraker, N; Murphy, M; Niu, Q; Dudgeon, D2011111
Spin-polarized and valley helical edge modes in graphene nanoribbonsQiao, ZH; Yang, SYA; Wang, B; Yao, YG; Niu, Q201190
Erratum: Crossover of the three-dimensional topological insulator Bi 2Se3 to the two-dimensional limit (Nature Physics (2010) 6 (584-588))Zhang, Y; He, K; Chang, CZ; Song, CL; Wang, LL; Chen, X; Jia, JF; Fang, Z; Dai, X; Shan, WY; Shen, SQ; Niu, Q; Qi, XL; Zhang, SC; Ma, XC; Xue, QK201069
Quantum size effects on the work function of metallic thin film nanostructuresKim, J; Qin, S; Yao, W; Niu, Q; Chou, MY; Shih, CK2010586
Quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene from Rashba and exchange effectsQiao, Z; Yang, SA; Feng, W; Tse, WK; Ding, J; Yao, Y; Wang, J; Niu, Q2010690
Crossover of the three-dimensional topological insulator Bi2 Se3 to the two-dimensional limitZhang, Y; He, K; Chang, CZ; Song, CL; Wang, LL; Chen, X; Jia, JF; Fang, Z; Dai, X; Shan, WY; Shen, SQ; Niu, Q; Qi, XL; Zhang, SC; Ma, XC; Xue, QK201088
Massive Dirac fermions and spin physics in an ultrathin film of topological insulatorLu, HZ; Shan, WY; Yao, W; Niu, Q; Shen, SQ2010560
Edge states in graphene: From gapped flat-band to gapless chiral modesYao, W; Yang, SA; Niu, Q2009519
Berry Phase Effect on Exciton Transport and Bose Einstein CondensationYao, W; Niu, Q2009198
Berry phase effect on exciton transport and bose einstein condensateYao, W; Niu, Q200979
Valley-dependent optoelectronics from inversion symmetry breakingYao, W; Xiao, D; Niu, Q200873
Finite size effects on helical edge states in a quantum spin-hall systemZhou, B; Lu, HZ; Chu, RL; Shen, SQ; Niu, Q2008272
Berry phase effect on the exciton transport and on the exciton Bose-Einstein condensateYao, W; Niu, Q200860
Valley-contrasting physics in graphene: Magnetic moment and topological transportXiao, D; Yao, W; Niu, Q200774
Optical control of topological quantum transport in semiconductorsYao, W; Macdonald, AH; Niu, Q200786
Theoretical evidence of the Berry-phase mechanism in anomalous Hall transport: First-principles studies of Cu Cr2 Se4-x BrxYao, Y; Liang, Y; Xiao, D; Niu, Q; Shen, SQ; Dai, X; Fang, Z200786
Charge Hall effect driven by spin-dependent chemical potential gradients and Onsager relations in mesoscopic systemsHankiewicz, EM; Li, J; Jungwirth, T; Niu, Q; Shen, SQ; Sinova, J200574
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