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Terrestrial hydrological responses to precipitation variability in Southwest China with emphasis on droughtNiu, J; Chen, J201335
Scale-dependent synthetic streamflow generation using a continuous wavelet transformNiu, J; Sivakumar, B201325
Study of runoff response to land use change in the East River basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Sivakumar, B; Chen, J201336
Precipitation in the Pearl River basin, South China: Scaling, regional patterns, and influence of large-scale climate anomaliesNiu, J201325
Hydrological drought characterizations with SPI and SRI in the Pearl River basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J; Chen, J; Sivakumar, B.201336
Impacts of land use and climatic changes on the runoff characteristics in South ChinaNiu, J; Sivakumar, B.; Chen, J201333
Water resources of Mainland ChinaChen, J; Niu, J; Sun, L2013100
Basin characterization of frequency-dependent variability response in hydrological processesNiu, J; Chen, J201249
Quantifying hydrological responses to increased CO2 over the West River basin in South China using a modified VIC modelNiu, J; Bellie, S; Chen, J201267
Dominant temporal scales of soil moisture extreme in the Pearl River Basin in south ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J2011129
A meteorological drought analysis over the Pearl River Basin in south ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J2011119
Regional climate change and local urbanization effects on weather variables in Southeast ChinaChen, J; Li, Q; Niu, J; Sun, L2011303
Quantification of variability change in Terrestrial Hydrological Processes over the Pearl River Basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J201178
Terrestrial hydrological features of the Pearl River basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J2010131
大尺度水文模型VICChen, J; Niu, J2010105
Dominant variability in terrestrial hydrological processes over the Pearl River basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J2009142
2-Year GLOBE Trial Results: Telbivudine Is Superior to Lamivudine in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis BLiaw, Y; Gane, E; Leung, N; Zeuzem, S; Wang, Y; Lai, CL; Heathcote, EJ; Manns, M; Bzowej, N; Niu, J; Han, S; Hwang, SG; Cakaloglu, Y; Tong, MJ; Papatheodoridis, G; Chen, Y; Brown, NA; Albanis, E; Galil, K; Naoumov, NV20091,845
Prolonged efficacy and safety of 3 years of continuous telbivudine treatment in pooled data from globe and 015 studies in chronic hepatitis B patientsHsu, CW; Chen, YC; Liaw, YF; Gane, E; Manns, M; Zeuzem, S; Wang, Y; Lai, CL; Hou, J; Leung, N; Bzowej, N; Niu, J; Jia, J; Hwang, SG; Cakaloglu, Y; Ren, H; Papatheodoridis, G; Chen, Y; Bao, W; Lopez, P2009322
Further evidence of the anti-inflammatory effects of silver nanoparticlesWong, KKY; Cheung, SOF; Huang, L; Niu, J; Tao, C; Ho, CM; Che, CM; Tam, PKH2009253
Numerical modeling of the Pearl River hydrologic processesChen, J; Niu, J2009117
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