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Recipient FK506 pretreatment regimens in rat small bowel transplantation: allograft survival, function, and systemic infectionGuo, WH; Tian, L; Yuen, ZW; Chan, KL; Wo, JYH; Nicholls, G; Dallman, M; Tam, PKH200099
Implications of antenatal diagnosis of small-intestinal atresia in the 1990sTam, PKH; Nicholls, G1999115
Implications of antenatal diagnosis in small intestinal atresia in the 1990's (poster)Tam, PKH; Nicholls, G199857
Increased tissue IFN-g transcripts may be a useful indicator of early rejection following small bowel transplantationNicholls, G; Toogood, GJ; Tam, PKH; Morris, PJ; Dallman, MJ199786
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