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Generation of facial image samples for boosting the performance of face recognition systemsNi, Z; Leung, CH2011124
Ectopic overexpression of wheat adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation factor, TaARF, increases growth rate in arabidopsisYao, Y; Ni, Z; Du, J; Han, Z; Chen, Y; Zhang, Q; Sun, Q2009134
Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in ChinaLuo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008230
Analysis of RFID adoption in ChinaLuo, Z; Tan, Z; Ni, Z; Yen, B2007341
Effects of removing concentric positioning on postglacial vertical displacement in the presence of lateral variation in lithospheric thicknessNi, Z; Wu, P199817
Some analytical solutions for the viscoelastic gravitational relaxation of a two-layer non-self-gravitating incompressible spherical earthWu, P; Ni, Z199611
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