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Generation of facial image samples for boosting the performance of face recognition systems
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Application, VISAPP 2011
Ni, Z; Leung, CH2011205
Ectopic overexpression of wheat adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation factor, TaARF, increases growth rate in arabidopsis
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Yao, Y; Ni, Z; Du, J; Han, Z; Chen, Y; Zhang, Q; Sun, Q2009225
Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in China
Communications of the Association for Information Systems
Association for Information Systems. The Journal's web site is located at
Luo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008351
Analysis of RFID adoption in China
Proceedings - ICEBE 2007: IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering - Workshops: SOAIC 2007; SOSE 2007; SOKM 2007
Luo, Z; Tan, Z; Ni, Z; Yen, B2007397
Effects of removing concentric positioning on postglacial vertical displacement in the presence of lateral variation in lithospheric thickness
Geophysical Research Letters
Ni, Z; Wu, P199839
Some analytical solutions for the viscoelastic gravitational relaxation of a two-layer non-self-gravitating incompressible spherical earth
Geophysical Journal International
Wu, P; Ni, Z199641
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