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Luminance-modulated adaptation in the global flash mfERG: a preliminary study of early retinal functional changes in high-risk glaucoma patientsChu, PHW; Ng, YF; To, CH; So, KF; Brown, B; Chan, HHL2012109
Effect of inner retinal dysfunction on slow double-stimulation multifocal electroretinogramChu, PHW; Ng, YF; Ting, PWK; Lung, JCY; Ho, WC; So, KF; To, CH; Chan, HHL2011123
Scaling of three-dimensional InN islands grown on GaN(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxyCao, YG; Xie, MH; Liu, Y; Xu, SH; Ng, YF; Wu, HS; Tong, SY2003519
InN Island shape and its dependence on growth condition of molecular-beam epitaxyCao, YG; Xie, MH; Liu, Y; Ng, YF; Wu, HS; Tong, SY2003567
Growth mode and strain evolution during InN growth on GaN(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxyNg, YF; Cao, YG; Xie, MH; Wang, XL; Tong, SY2002374
Reduction of threading defects in GaN grown on vicinal SiC(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxyXie, MH; Zheng, LX; Cheung, SH; Ng, YF; Wu, H; Tong, SY; Ohtani, N2000362
Step bunching of vicinal GaN(0001) surfaces during molecular beam epitaxyXie, MH; Cheung, SH; Zheng, LX; Ng, YF; Wu, H; Ohtani, N; Tong, SY2000342
Surface morphology of GaN: Flat versus vicinal surfacesXie, MH; Seutter, SM; Zheng, LX; Cheung, SH; Ng, YF; Wu, Huasheng; Tong, SY2000384
Dietary fatty acids induced necrosis and apoptosis in mammary tumors: measured by flow cytometryNg, YF; Wan, JMF199888
Fatty acids control of cell cycle distribution and expression of p53 tumor suppressor gene in mammary 13762 MAT tumors (Abstract)Ng, YF; Wan, JMF1997100
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