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The role of myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion in maxillary swing approach nasopharyngectomy: review of our 10-year experienceHo, CWA; Chan, YW; Ng, WM; Ho, WK; Wei, WI201238
Design of a single ultra-low-loss magnetic ballast for a wide range of T5 high-efficiency fluorescent lampsNg, WM; Lin, DY; Hui, SY2012102
Community Health Project Report SeriesLo, ECM; Pang, HH; Wong, AHH; Chan, VSM; Cheng, CH; Choi, HC; Ji, C; Kam, OM; Lai, PM; Lee, CM; Leung, YT; Ng, WM2011108
A "Class-A2" ultra-low-loss magnetic ballast for T5 fluorescent lamps - A new trend for sustainable lighting technologyHui, SY; Lin, DY; Ng, WM; Yan, W2011174
A "class-A2" ultra-low-loss magnetic ballast for T5 fluorescent lampsHui, SYR; Lin, DY; Ng, WM; Yan, W2010102
A novel passive off-line light-emitting diode (LED) driver with long lifetimeHui, SYR; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM201098
A single eco-friendly ultra-low-loss magnetic ballast design for a wide range of T5 high-efficient fluorescent lampsNg, WM; Lin, DY; Hui, SYR201091
A novel passive offline LED driver with long lifetimeRon Hui, SY; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM2010153
Prospective randomized study of selective neck dissection versus observation for N0 neck of early tongue carcinomaYuen, PW; Ho, CM; Chow, TL; Tang, LC; Cheung, WY; Ng, WM; Wei, WI; Kong, CK; Book, KS; Yuen, WC; Lam, AK; Yuen, NW; Trendell-Smith, NJ; Chan, YW; Wong, BYH; Li, GKH; Ho, ACW; Ho, WK; Wong, SY; Yao, TJ2009394
Identification of pyruvate kinase type M2 as potential oncoprotein in squamous cell carcinoma of tongue through microRNA profiling (as joint first author)Wong, TS; Liu, X; Ho, ACW; Yuen, PW; Ng, WM; Wei, WI2008134
Optimal operation of contactless transformers with resonance in secondary circuitsLiu, X; Ng, WM; Lee, CK; Hui, SY2008246
Clinical implications of anterolateral flap shrinkageNg, WM; Chan, JY; Mok, V; Leung, MS; Yuen, PW; Wei, WI2008246
Esophageal cancers with synchronous or antecedent head and neck cancers: A more formidable challenge?Lo, OSH; Law, S; Wei, WI; Ng, WM; Wong, KH; Tong, KH; Wong, J2008281
Pharyngolaryngoesophagectomy using the thoracoscopic approachCense, HA; Law, S; Wei, W; Lam, LK; Ng, WM; Wong, KH; Kwok, KF; Wong, J2007132
Practical Tips to Perform a Maxillary Swing ApproachWei, WI; Ng, WM2007141
Preliminary results of radiation dose escalation for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaKwong, DLW; Sham, JST; Leung, LHT; Cheng, ACK; Ng, WM; Kwong, PWK; Lui, WM; Yau, CC; Wu, PM; Wei, W; Au, G2006122
Quality of Life of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients Treated with NasopharyngectomyNg, WM; Wei, WI200683
Elimination of palatal fistula after the mazillary swing procedureNg, WM; Wei, WI200573
Long-term performance of indwelling tracheoesophagel speaking valves in Chinese patients undergoing laryngectomyLam, PKY; Ho, WK; Ho, AC; Ng, WM; Yuen, PW; Wei, WI200573
Elimination of palatal fistual after the maxillary swing procedureNg, WM; Wei, WI200571
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