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Saliva continine levels of babies and mothers living with smoking fathers under different housing types in Hong Kong: a cross-sectional studyYau, PLJ; Wong, DCN; Chan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH2011131
An evaluation of a randomized controlled trial of a family intervention for smoking fathers to quit in Hong Kong: a 12-months follow-UpChan, SSC; Leung, CSM; Yau, JPL; Leung, AYM; Leung, GM; Emmons, K; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH201192
Saliva cotinine levels of mothers and infants exposed to household secondhand smokeChan, SSC; Yau, JPL; Leung, YP; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH2010176
A randomized controlled trial of a family intervention to reduce secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure to children: a pilot studyYau, JPL; Chan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, GM; Leung, AYM; Emmons, K; Leung, S; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH2010155
Measuring saliva cotinine in non-smoking mothers and infants living with smoking fathersChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, AYM; Leung, S; Mak, KH; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH2009106
Experimental analysis of an RFID security protocolLuo, Z; Chan, T; Li, JS; Wong, E; Cheung, W; Ng, V; Fok, W2006144
WebQuest Markup Language (WQML) for sharable inquiry-based learningFleissner, S; Chan, YY; Yuen, TH; Ng, V2006141
The use of functional electrical stimulation in the rehabilitation of tetraplegic patient after tendon transferIp, WY; Tong, K Y; Ng, V200481
An Incremental Learning Agent for Personalized WWW SearchingNg, V; Siu, TK; Cheung, DWL199979
Regulation of anion secretion by cyclo-oxygenase and prostanoids in cultured epididymal epithelia from the ratWong, PYD; Chan, HC; Leung, PS; Chung, YW; Wong, YL; Lee, WM; Ng, V; Dun, NJ1999329
Uncertainty reasoning based on cloud models in controllersLi, D; Cheung, D; Shi, X; Ng, V1998175
Distributed Association Mining under Inequality ConstraintsNg, V; Cheung, DWL199884
Incremental Updates of Discovered Multi-Level Association RulesCheung, DWL; Ng, V; Tam, BW1997100
A Content-Based Search Engine on Medical Images for TelemedicineCheung, DWL; Lee, CH; Ng, V1997594
Profiles of sperm morphology and motility after discontinuous multiple-step Percoll density gradient centrifugationYao, YQ; Ng, V; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC199693
Maintenance of Discovered Knowledge : A Case in Multi-level Association RulesCheung, DWL; Ng, V; Tam, BW1996119
Maintenance of discovered association rules in large databases: anincremental updating techniqueCheung, DWL; Han, J; Ng, V; Wong, CY1996330
Assisted reproduction in Hong Kong: Status in the 1990sLoong, EPL; Haines, CJ; Chiu, TYT; Wong, SP; Cheung, LP; Ho, PC; So, WWK; Yeung, WSB; Lau, E; Ng, V; Leung, CKM; Leong, MKH; Wong, CJY; Tang, WWC; Chun, MMP1996241
Micromanipulation: the experience of Queen Mary Hospital, Hong KongYeung, WSB; Lau, EYL; So, WWK; Yuen, WC; Tsoi, WL; Ng, V; Wong, H; Ho, PC199594
Medical images retrieval by color contentNg, V; Cheung, DWL; Fu, A1995498
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