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An In Vitro and In Vivo Investigation of the Antimetastatic Effects of a Chinese Medicinal Decoction, Erxian Decoction, on Human Ovarian Cancer ModelsChu, SME; Sze, CW; Cheung, HP; Liu, Q; Ng, TB; Tong, Y201313
A thermostable trypsin inhibitor with antiproliferative activity from small pinto beansChan, YS; Zhang, Y; Sze, CW; Ng, TB201313
Polysaccharides of Dendrobium officinale inhibit TNF-α-induced apoptosis in A-253 cell lineLin, X; Sze, CW; Ng, TB; Tong, Y; Shaw, PC; Tang, SCW; Zhang, Y201340
Investigation of therapeutic efficacy and mechanisms of polysaccharide of dendrobium officinale in alleviating cigarette-induced pulmonary inflammationXiao, L; Chan, YS; Wu, XJ; Ho, CM; Liao, QX; Tang, CW; Ng, TB; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y201333
Purification and characterization of an antifungal peptide with potent antifungal activity but devoid of antiproliferative and HIV reverse transcriptase activities from Legumi secchi beansLam, SK; Ng, TB201322
Intestinal absorption and bioavailability of traditional Chinese medicines: a review of recent experimental progress and implication for quality controlLiu, JY; Lee, CKF; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Tang, SCW; Ng, TB; Zhang, YB201356
Brown Kidney Bean Bowman-Birk Trypsin Inhibitor is Heat and pH Stable and Exhibits Anti-proliferative ActivityChan, YS; Zhang, Y; Ng, TB201337
Protective effects of chrysotoxine on parkinsonian neurotoxins induced dopaminergic neuronal cell death in SH-SY5Y cellsZhang, Y; Tong, Y; Sze, CW; Song, J; Ng, TB201296
Anti-Parkinsonian drug discovery from herbal medicines: What have we got from neurotoxic models?Song, JX; Sze, SCW; Ng, TB; Lee, CKF; Leung, GPH; Shaw, PC; Tong, Y; Zhang, YB2012155
Review of research on Dendrobium, a prized folk medicineNg, TB; Liu, J; Wong, JH; Ye, X; Wing Sze, SC; Tong, Y; Zhang, KY2012141
Experimental studies on intestinal absorption and bioavailability of traditional Chinese medicines: recent progress and implication for quality control.Liu, J; Lee, CKF; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Tang, SCW; Ng, TB; Zhang, Y201232
Baicalein antagonizes rotenone-induced apoptosis in dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells related to ParkinsonismSong, JX; Choi, MYM; Wong, KCK; Chung, WWY; Sze, CW; Ng, TB; Zhang, KYB2012135
Compatibility of multiple herbal components in Erxian Decoction, a Chinese medicinal formula, for treating osteoporosisSze, SCW; Ip, CW; Ng, TB; Zhang, KY; Zhang, ZJ; Cheung, HP; Cheng, CLY; Tong, Y201279
A review of the potential issues of pollution caused by the Mineral elements, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic, its possible impacts on the human beings and the suggested solutionsLam, Y; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Ng, TB; Shaw, PC; Zhang, Y201256
Application of genomics and proteomics to identify bacterial gene in Chinese Medicines candidates for quality controlLiu, J; Wong, WK; Chan, YS; Make, TQ; Ng, TB; Zhang, Y201193
Cordymin, an antifungal peptide from the medicinal fungus Cordyceps militarisWong, JH; Ng, TB; Wang, H; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY; Li, Q; Lu, X2011197
Glyceollin, a soybean phytoalexin with medicinal propertiesNg, TB; Ye, XJ; Wong, JH; Fang, EF; Chan, YS; Pan, W; Ye, XY; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY; Liu, F; Wang, HX2011211
Differential effects of anti-metastatic mechanism of Tian-Xian liquid (TXL) and its bioactive fractions on human colorectal cancer modelsChu, ESM; Sze, SCW; Cheung, HP; Wong, KL; Liu, Q; Ng, TB; Tong, Y2011171
Protein from red cabbage (Brassica oleracea) seeds with antifungal, antibacterial, and anticancer activitiesYe, XJ; Ng, TB; Wu, ZJ; Xie, LH; Fang, EF; Wong, JH; Pan, WL; Sze, SCW; Zhang, YB2011178
An autoimmunized mouse model recapitulates key features in the pathogenesis of Sjugren's syndromeLin, X; Song, Jx; Shaw, PC; Ng, TB; Sze, SC; Tong, Y; Lee, KF; Zhang, KY2011254
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