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Slowed muscle force production and sensory organization deficits contribute to altered postural control strategies in children with developmental coordination disorderFong, SM; Ng, SM; Yiu, BPHL201342
Detection of 10 nm superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles using exchanged-biased GMR sensors in Wheatstone bridgeLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Ng, SM; Lei, Z; Pong, PWT201334
Detection of 10-nm Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Exchange-Biased GMR Sensors in Wheatstone BridgeLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW; Ng, SM; Lei, ZQ; Pong, PWT201336
Shoulder mobility, muscular strength and quality of life in breast cancer survivors with and without Tai Chi Qigong trainingFong, SM; Ng, SM; Luk, WS; Chung, WY; Chung, MY; Tsang, WN; Chow, PY201341
FePt Pillars for Bit Patterned Magnetic RecordingLi, G; Ng, SM; Dong, QC; Leung, CW; Lin, KW; Wong, WY; Pong, PWT201266
A New Class of Isocyanide-Containing Rhenium(I) Bipyridyl Luminophore with Readily Tunable and Highly Environmentally Sensitive Excited-State PropertiesNg, CO; Lo, LTL; Ng, SM; Ko, CC; Zhu, N2008163
Perception of Death Across the Adult Lifespan: A Close Examination of the Death Attitude Profile Among the General Hong Kong Population.Ho, AHY; Ng, SM; Chow, AYM; Chan, C.H.Y; Tang, A.C.W; Tin, AF; Yan, E.C.W; Chan, CLW2007153
Resilience and Growth: Chinese Medicine Perspective on Health and Mental HealthChan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Pan, J; Ng, SM2006101
C-H bond activation by a hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borato ruthenium hydride complexNg, SM; Lam, WH; Mak, CC; Tsang, CW; Jia, G; Lin, Z; Lau, CP200379
Theory and Practice of Indigenous Counseling Research in Chinese Speaking CommunitiesHo, MY; Lee, WM; Ng, SM2002130
Synthesis, characterization, and acidity of ruthenium dihydrogen complexes with 1,4,7-triazacyclononane, 1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane, and hydrotris (pyrazolyl)borato ligandsNg, SM; Fang, YQ; Lau, CP; Wong, WT; Jia, G1998134
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