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Reconstruction of circumferential pharyngeal defects after tumour resection: Reference or preferenceChan, YW; Ng, RWM; Lun Liu, LH; Chung, HP; Wei, WI2011232
Surgical salvage of persistent or recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma with maxillary swing approach - Critical appraisal after 2 decadesWei, WI; Chan, JYW; Ng, RWM; Ho, WK2011183
Current management of cervical esophageal cancerTong, DKH; Law, S; Kwong, DLW; Wei, WI; Ng, RWM; Wong, KH2011225
Anatomical study and clinical applications of free posterior tibial flap in the head and neck regionChan, YW; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI2011239
Rectourethral fistula after radical prostatectomy: Transperineal repair in jack-knife positionHo, B; Ho, KL; Tsu, JHL; Ng, RWM; Law, WL; Tam, PC2010147
Early resection and reconstruction of head and neck masses in infants with upper airway obstructionWong, BYH; Ng, RWM; Yuen, APW; Chan, PH; Ho, WK; Wei, WI2010398
Prospective randomized study of selective neck dissection versus observation for no neck of early tongue carcinomaYuen, APW; Chiu, MH; Tam, LC; Lap, CT; Wing, YC; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI; Chi, KK; Kwok, SB; Wai, CY; Lam, AKY; Yuen, NWF; TrendellSmith, NJ; Yue, WC; Wong, BYH; Li, GKH; Ho, ACW; Wai, KH; Sau, YW; Yao, TJ2009121
Pediatric liver transplantation in Hong Kong-a domain with scarce deceased donorsChan, KL; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Wei, WI; Ng, RWM; Chung, HY; Ng, KKC; Chan, SC; Chan, KW; Tso, WK; Tsoi, NS; Tam, PKH; Wong, J2009522
Mature miR-184 and squamous cell carcinoma of the tongueWong, TS; Ho, WK; Chan, JYW; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI2009929
Identification of pyruvate kinase type M2 as potential oncoprotein in squamous cell carcinoma of tongue through microRNA profilingWong, TS; Liu, XB; Ho, ACW; Yuen, APW; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI200893
Clinical use of a pedicled anterolateral thigh flapNg, RWM; Chan, JYW; Mok, V; Li, GKH2008110
Mature miR-184 as potential oncogenic microRNA of squamous cell carcinoma of tongueWong, TS; Liu, XB; Wong, BYH; Ng, RWM; Yuen, APW; Wei, WI2008204
Clinical implications of anterolateral thigh flap shrinkageNg, RWM; Chan, JYW; Mok, V; Leung, MSC; Yuen, APW; Wei, WI2008170
Free posterior tibial flap for head and neck reconstruction after tumor expirationNg, RWM; Chan, JYW; Mok, V; Wei, WI2008484
A modification of technique to cover a large posterior thigh defect using an anterolateral thigh flapNg, RWM; Chan, JYW; Mok, V200895
Management of head and neck tumours during pregnancy: case report and literature reviewChow, VLY; Chan, JYW; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI2008105
Posterior chest wall reconstruction with a free anterolateral thigh flapNg, RWM; Li, GKH; Chan, JYW; Mak, JYW200783
Re: Decreased STAT1 expression by promoter methylation in squamous cell carcinogenesis [1]Wong, TS; Liu, XB; Ng, RWM; Wei, WI; Yuen, APW200787
Complications of resection of malignant tumours of the skull base: Outcome and solutionWei, WI; Ng, RWM200784
Quality of life of patients with recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with nasopharyngectomy using the maxillary swing approachNg, RWM; Wei, WI200691
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