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Therapeutic strategies to attenuate ischemia-repefusion injury in liver transplantation (Abstract)Man, K; Lee, KW; Ng, KTP; Lo, CM; Li, XL; Fan, ST200358
FTY720 attenuates ischemia-reperfusion injury in normal and cirrhotic rat liver by down-regulation of Egr-1 and activation of Akt pathway (Abstract)Man, K; Ng, KTP; Lee, TKW; Li, XL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200355
The regulatioin of insulin signaling pathway in ischemia/reperfusion injury (Abstract)Li, XL; Man, K; Ng, KTP; Lee, TKW; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200362
Liver transplantation in cirrhotic rat model using marginal grafts - a study of hemodynamics, ultrastructure and intragraft gene expressionMan, K; Ng, KTP; Lee, TKW; Li, XL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200383
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