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High mortality associated with Catabacter hongkongensis bacteremiaLau, SKP; Fan, RYY; Lo, HW; Ng, RHY; Wong, SSY; Li, IWS; Wu, AKL; Ng, KHL; Tseung, S; Lee, RA; Fung, KSC; Que, TL; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2012139
Resequencing microarray for detection of human adenoviruses in patients with conjunctivitisWoo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Choi, GKY; Fung, HT; Shek, KC; Miao, J; Chan, BYL; Ng, KHL; Ngan, AHY; EllisBehnke, R; Que, TL; Kam, CW; Yuen, KY2010152
Effect of antibiotics on the bacterial load of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonisation in anterior naresCheng, VCC; Li, IWS; Wu, AKL; Tang, BSF; Ng, KHL; To, KKW; Tse, H; Que, TL; Ho, PL; Yuen, KY2008165
Bacteremia caused by Solobacterium moorei in a patient with acute proctitis and carcinoma of the cervixLau, SKP; Teng, JLL; Leung, KW; Li, NKH; Ng, KHL; Chau, KY; Que, TL; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY2006141
Globicatella bacteraemia identified by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingLau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Li, NKH; Teng, JLL; Leung, KW; Ng, KHL; Que, TL; Yuen, KY2006597
Usefulness of the MicroSeq 500 16S rDNA bacterial identification system for identification of anaerobic Gram positive bacilli isolated from blood culturesLau, SKP; Ng, KHL; Woo, PCY; Yip, KT; Fung, AMY; Woo, GKS; Chan, KM; Que, TI; Yuen, KY2006318
"Streptococcus milleri" endocarditis caused by Streptococcus anginosusWoo, PCY; Tse, H; Chan, KM; Lau, SKP; Fung, AMY; Yip, KT; Tam, DMW; Ng, KHL; Que, TL; Yuen, KY2004159
Usefulness of the MicroSeq 500 16S ribosomal DNA-based bacterial identification system for identification of clinically significant bacterial isolates with ambiguous biochemical profilesWoo, PCY; Ng, KHL; Lau, SKP; Yip, KT; Fung, AMY; Leung, KW; Tam, DMW; Que, TL; Yuen, KY2003248
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