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Role of IHH signaling in the progression of digit joint formationFeng, C; Hu, J; Chan, CWW; Ng, H; Chan, D201267
Mobile business and services in Hong Kong: Its evolution, development and challengesChau, PYK; Cheung, PK; Ng, H; Fok, WWT2008174
Antifungal susceptibility of Candida albicans biofilms on titanium discs with different surface roughnessTsang, CSP; Ng, H; McMillan, AS2007129
Impact of RFID to the Technology and Economic Development in the Pearl River DeltaFok, WWT; Ng, H200795
Impact of RFID on Business Performance- Based on Business Process Reengineering and SCORNg, H; Fok, WWT2006135
A retrospective clinical evaluation of two-unit cantilevered resin-bonded fixed partial denturesBotelho, MG; Leung, KCM; Ng, H; Chan, K2006137
Quality Management using RFID and Third Generation Mobile Communications SystemsNg, H; Fok, WWT; Luo, Z2006131
SEM study of candidal-biofilms on titanium with different surface roughnessTsang, PCS; Ng, H; McMillan, AS200678
Antifungal susceptibility of Candida albicans biofilms on titanium discsTsang, PCS; Ng, H; McMillan, AS200581
Analysis of RFID Middleware Market in Supply Chain and Logistics IndustryFok, WWT; Ng, H; Rong, H2005151
The clinical longevity of 239 cantilever resin-bonded prosthesesBotelho, MG; Leung, KCM; Chan, K; Chan, HC; Ng, H2003172
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