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Impacts of mosquito control agents on amphibians and an Aquatic Food Web in South ChinaKarraker, N; Murphy, M; Niu, Q; Dudgeon, D2011111
Active-based Key-skills Learning In Engineering Curriculum To Improve Student EngagementChan, CKY; Murphy, M2008160
Reinventing A Level 7 Programme In Electrical Engineering And Greatly Improving Upon Student Retention. Innovations 2007: World Innovations In Engineering Education And ResearchCoyle, E; Costello, F; Murphy, M; Chan, CKY; Shoemaker, L200774
The OECD validation program of the H295R Steroidogenesis Assay for the identification of in vitro inhibitors and inducers of testosterone and estradiol production. Phase 2: Inter-laboratory pre-validation studiesHecker, M; Hollert, H; Cooper, R; Vinggaard, AM; Akahori, Y; Murphy, M; Nellemann, C; Higley, E; Newsted, J; Wu, R; Lam, P; Laskey, J; Buckalew, A; Grund, S; Nakai, M; Timm, G; Giesy, J2007236
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