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Behavioural and metabolic risk factors for mortality from colon and rectum cancer: analysis of data from the Asia-Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationMorrison, DS; Parr, CL; Lam, TH; Ueshima, H; Kim, HC; Jee, SH; Murakami, Y; Giles, G; Fang, XH; Barzi, F; Batty, GD; Huxley, RR; Woodward, M201315
Diabetes, body mass index and the excess risk of coronary heart disease, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationMurakami, Y; Huxley, RR; Lam, TH; Tsukinoki, R; Fang, X; Kim, HC; Woodward, M2012177
Does body mass index impact on the relationship between systolic blood pressure and cardiovascular disease?: meta-analysis of 419 488 individuals from the Asia Pacific cohort studies collaborationTsukinoki, R; Murakami, Y; Huxley, R; Ohkubo, T; Fang, X; Suh, I; Ueshima, H; Lam, TH; Woodward, M2012151
Effects of prehypertension and hypertension subtype on cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific regionArima, H; Murakami, Y; Lam, TH; Kim, HC; Ueshima, H; Woo, J; Suh, I; Fang, XH; Woodward, M2012133
The epidemiology of stroke amongst women in the Asia - Pacific regionWoodward, M; TsukinokiMurakami, R; Murakami, Y; Suh, I; Fang, X; Ueshima, H; Lam, TH201198
Impact of excess weight on the relationship between blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationTsukinoki, R; Murakami, Y; Huxley, R; Lam, TH; Fang, X; Suh, I; Ohkubo, T; Ueshima, H; Woodward, M2011118
TSLC1 is a tumor suppressor gene associated with metastasis in nasopharyngeal carcinomaLung, HL; Cheung, AKL; Xie, D; Cheng, Y; Kwong, FM; Murakami, Y; Guan, XY; Sham, JS; Chua, D; Protopopov, AI; Zabarovsky, ER; Tsao, SW; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2006270
Fine mapping of the 11q22-23 tumor suppressive region and involvement of TSLC1 in nasopharyngeal carcinomaLung, HL; Cheng, Y; Kumaran, MK; Liu, ETB; Murakami, Y; Chan, CY; Yau, WL; Ko, JMY; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2004178
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