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Community based participatory research - an effective approach to increase family communication, Harmony, Happiness and Health (3Hs): Findings from the Happy Family Kitchen (HFK) project in Hong Kong (abstract and poster presentation)Chan, SSC; Mui, M; Soong, SS; Wang, X; Lam, TH201225
Family communication is a mediator to increase family harmony, happiness and health: findings from a Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) Project in Hong KongChan, SSC; Mui, M; Soong, CSS; Wang, X; Lam, TH201286
Exploring families' experience in practicing positive communication to promote health, happiness and harmony: a community-based participatory projectChan, SSC; Zhou, Q; Mui, M; Lam, TH201279
A community based participatory research partnership increases family harmony, happiness and health in Hong Kong: findings from a Community Based Programme in the Hong Kong Family ProjectChan, SSC; Mui, M; Soong, SS; Lam, TH201167
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